Lawless America the Documentary, the Testimony, the fight for change


I am part of a legal battle going on here in the US called Lawless America. We have a documentary that is do to start filming anytime now and every person involved is doing a testimony to congress about the illegal practices of the courts . My prayers to God, my heart and passion for my family has gotten me this far. After I started researching CPS and found out how corrupt this organization is, I never expected to get this far. I never would have believed and could not have ever conceived this happening to a parent who loves his children so completely.

This is very personal and close subject to my heart, as my family was just devastated by the corrupt JV family court, and I have witnessed the complete destruction of any legal process with out any actual proof of anything. This judge made a complete joke out of our constitutional, human and civil rights as parents. To pass judgment without being shown proof of some kind, any kind at all, shows no moral fortitude of decency, as well as respect for the American families that he serves.

I don’t know if people even pay attention to what is actually happening in these courts today, and that we have already lost most of our rights, to a fare court system in most of this country. The court has been hurting people with finding reports clear and convincing without real evidence for years now.

We need to make everyone aware of this corrupted court system, and the battle to fight with most of our  constitutional, human and civil rights being  ignored,  the  judges do this all the time. Judges make their own laws when their is no jury to keep them on record and in line. We have lost our rights in court with many cases of families being destroyed.  I have written a book on this and spoken with many families in the court house. In every single case the same story exist. The parents side never gets on record. I will continue to fight for the rights of parents until something changes. I don’t care if I have to petition the entire country, CPS WILL CHANGE THE WAY THEY TREAT PARENTS.  If you have any doubts, people have posted videos and blogs all over our nation of the injustice for profit taking place in our court system. I will know this everyday for the rest of my life.

I want you to know, I promote our cause every day,  every chance I get,  to anyone that will listen,  I know how important this is.  This is the most important thing I will ever do,  the people we could reach with this wake up call, and the children this could save, as well as the lives this could change, is worth more than I can state.  I am so proud of what we are doing. I have been a parent for 27  years and never one case of my children getting  hurt in my care. Did this get on record? No.   I was a baseball coach,  judge wouldn’t know,  nothing I did for my children got on record.  I wasn’t  aloud to present evidence.   Even though the CPS worker has only 3 months of training, her word is complete authority and dictator over parents.

My child being taken, awakened me to a corrupt government supported court system, that has to change. I have been devoted to this subject, and everyone around me knows that CPS was wrong,  I am a very loving dad,  my children are my world and when CPS took only my youngest child,  I was destroyed.  When I got upset and yelled at the CPS worker for trying to take my son,  she said,  see your upset,  this is a sign of being on drugs.  What, am I on Mars or what?  Of course I am upset.  She doesn’t care and only intended to cause pain in my life. This is manipulation of the system.  The fact that my ex-mother in law worked at CPS for 35 years in the same county is also a conflict of interest for most legal courts and should have put the case into another county, if it was real,  this is not a battle that follows,” court of law process”. Everything you have heard about CPS is true.

Everyone in my life is very aware of the injustice here of our court system.  I have a very devoted extended family, who has put thousands of dollars into helping me fight for my child, and still we were  separated, with no truth in the least on record, only the fabrication and degradation of facts, the social worker wanted in the report, to make me look as bad as possible. When I presented evidence supporting my devotion to my children, and the proof of how the CPS worker was taking my son out of revenge, because I was trying to file a law suit. This woman is very aware of the hurt she has caused my family and must be a hollow, angry human being. Who can she do this job and feel like a decent human being. It would be different if the facts were real and not invented, and fact of getting paid to remove children, without facts in itself creates corruption. Why can’t they get incentives to help families . Any parent, that is a good parent, always wants to be a better parent. OMG,  This has created a organization getting paid to steal children legally, in which parents can’t fight back.  Could they be more immoral?

I have plenty of proof of my case, just can’t get it on record in this very corrupted money hungry court system. I will however show my proof to congress. I was part of family preservation here in Riverside County while I was fighting on the county level.  This Family Preservation was set up to help stop CPS from stealing children,  and this didn’t help.  There is just to much money offered for the adoption out of family and not the preservation of family. What a disstructive family court system we have.  My son will always hurt because he knows, his daddy loves him more than anything and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for his happiness.  I guess, I am just telling you how passionate I am for my family, and this battle for better. I will never stop fighting this CPS court system and my son deserves a every bit of strength I can muster. CPS KNOW THIS, I AM GOING TO EXPOSE EVERYTHING ABOUT THE ILLEGAL PRACTICE OF LAW, IN EVERY CASE I FIND.

Always a dedicated dad,

William, for

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  1. So happy you are fighting ….don’t ever give up….alot of families and our government need people like you….I pray you make the difference and you wake somebody up….

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