2 thoughts on “I will never give up Donnelly, We love you.

  1. Hi my name is david and i started my battle with cps back in july of 2012 and was accused of sleeping with my oldest step daughter well needless to say cps forced me out of my house and broke up my marriage and then took any rights i had to see my real daughter i went threw hell and back but never caved in on anything i had a court appointed attorney she believed in me but let me tell you with out the help of sites like this and serveral others i would of never made it threw this process, i did alot of the leg work for my attorney and researched the heck out of every law i could and all the mistakes i could find,then came august 26,2013 i finally handed them the rears in court,but even though i won i still have to do conseling and parenting classes to get her back,i think this is crap but i’ve made it this far and i will not let cps beat me on any level,so i would like to say thank you to this site and all the info i got and keep it up,if i can beat them there is hope to keep the good fight going.i’m from michigan and i think this is a very corrupt state.

  2. I just spanked my son for drinking alcohol my Mother gave my 10 year old son. she then took my son to the Hospital the next day after his spanking while I was at work. I have never seen my son since . 5 years he is now 15 years old. http://www.savedave.org is my website. My mother did this out of spite due to the fact that I would not let him visit her out of state for the summer. I do not drink , nor smoke , nor do drugs. Corruption at it’s worst ever in my case. I took and passed the psych exam with flying colors , I took all the classes required. yet during reunification they gave my son to my Deranged Mother, she has done everything from bank fraud to , insurance fraud, etc… I tried my best to protect him from her I even took her to the airport the Saturday prior to this incident. She gave him Alcohol Sunday and that Monday afternoon my life changed forever. notes and court reports are on my website so you may see for yourself the corruption and lies by the lawyers] cps worker, and most importantly the judge.

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