I was asked to share my opinion of Riverside County Judges and CPS with other families.

My response

I would absolutely love to share my opinion of RIVERSIDE COUNTY CPS JUDGES WITH YOU. But this would take so long to go over all the overwhelming evidence of false evidence being allowed into the courtroom, and not allowing parents on record to defend themselves.  Parents and children are being blatantly taken advantage of.

It should be required to disclose Dependency policies and procedures, such as a copy of the Dependency Quick Guide, A Dogbook for Attorneys Representing Children and Parents published by the state’s Administrative Office of the Courts. I personally have seen how the court accepts everything CPS says to be considered clear and convincing without CPS actually presenting any real evidence. Instead,  CPS just writes a scathing report stating that they have seen evidence.  This is completely bias on the side of CPS to not actually see the real evidence.  In my case, CPS presented another mans criminal record as if it was mine and NO ONE noticed and would not listen to me when I said something about it. This is clearly criminal.


Anyone who wants proof all you need do is write me and I will show you overwhelming evidence of fraud through out the CPS, county counsel and the Riverside County CPS court proceedings. Everything I am saying here is completely true so help me god . My law suit when it gets heard and it will is so damaging to all these people.


CPS falsified so many records to steal my child and had the assistance of every single person down the line including CPS attorneys, Judges, and Social Workers licensed and unlicensed. These people all think they are immune, I got news for them, NO ONE is immune from corruption and criminal activities.


Even my appellant attorney did not review the case or he would have seen the obvious, contradictions of their statements miss reporting and false reporting, substitution of reports, cut and pasting of certified documents by a state testing facility. The Attorneys’ unethical and intentional gross misconduct lead to the legal kidnapping of my child.


None of these people have any concern of the child’s real welfare. Every bit of evidence is already being sent to every single congressman, senators, and anyone else who needs to know what is going on here.  Please write me, this can not happen to anymore children.


OMG what is going on in this country allowing our most precious gifts given to us by God to take care of and guide into adulthood as a decent person. Children stolen from their home will never understand why this happened to them.  There is no medication CPS can force a child to take that will ever take this damage away except returning these children home to their loving parents. Be aware that CPS social workers tell the children that their parents do not care about them. Talk about emotional abuse!


In May 2011 I reported this corruption and legal kidnapping scheme to the FBI. When I informed the Social Worker, AntoineColey, he laughed and said, “The FBI is not going to do anything.”  Well, the FBI’s response was, “We are not in the position to challenge CPS.”  The FBI is in charge of investigating corruption AND kidnappings. So WHO is in charge of protecting our children besides the parent who gets arrested if they take possession back of their child?


Please share this story and information. The more people who know about this illegal kidnapping ring the less power they will have and could make all the difference in the world to all our American families.


People please pay attention to my words and read them very clearly, it is with the utmost respect for children and to end this abuse of our children and the never ending pain for parents. If people only had the information provided in the Dependency policies and procedures,  (Dependency Quick Guide, A Dogbook for Attorneys Representing Children and Parents) published by the state’s Administrative Office of the Courts  these  kidnappings would not be happening.


In closing. What does this tell you?  This is intentional.

What is the reason? Money funding from CAPTA and Title IV-E of the social security act, and Youakim funding.

Far more money and incentives is given for out of home placement placing the child up for adoption then to try to help the family.


Please tell everyone you know to read this. Do not just let anymore children be taken from loving homes. Even if you don’t think this will happen to you.


 No one will help you after your child gets taken accept knowledge and preparation for the kind of people you are dealing with. Then you may have a fighting chance.


My motives,   I want to finish raising my beautiful baby boy who I love absolutely and completely so very much.

And to stop this from happening to any other children and parents,   from going through the heart ace that never ends.


Thank You

William Ronald Burns


Published by donnellyjustice

I started off blogging because of how unjust my family was treated by the court system and I woke up to a system of law that doesn't care about right or wrong, evidence or no evidence, or even listening to both sides of the case. I must be crazy to have thought our courts were based on facts. CPS submitted another mans criminal record, different birthday but same name to present to the court as if there was a long criminal history. I did not find this out until after my child was removed, when I tried to correct this my evidence was refused to be put on record... This is one of many criminal actions by not just CPS but the court as well This is very personal and close subject to my heart as my family was just devastated by the corrupt JV family courts. I have witnessed the complete destruction of any legal process with out any actual proof of anything. This judge made a complete joke out of our constitutional and civil and human rights of parents. To pass judgment without being shown proof of some kind, any kind at all, shows no moral fortitude of decency as well as respect for the American families that he serves. I don't know if people even pay attention to what is actually happening in these courts today and that we have already lost most of our rights to a fair court system in most of this country. We need to make everyone aware of this corrupted court system is. We have lost our rights in court and these judges supporting it. The only people who still believe, CPS is their to help families are families CPS hasn't helped. Children are not disposable and families are the backbone of this country. This makes me so ashamed of this country to have let CPS go this far without any over-site the facts are all over the internet, parents trying to just get any kind of hope at all that someone will just listen. Every single case I research, CPS is the only side the judge even hears. This is so wrong OMG We have the right to a fair trial, "right"? That's what I thought. Not with CPS. Parents have no defense when they are accused by CPS. CPS will do everything they can to ruin parents and sell their children for profit. I can not except American families being treated so badly. I will spend the rest of my life speaking out and waking people up to what is truly going on with the company hired by the government to protect children, when all the facts and statistics show CPS is for the money and only 15% of the time ever has a legal reason to remove a child. That is disgusting. They do it because they the judge only lets CPS on record. This is absolute corruption in the worst way with the most innocent of people being destroyed. Look up the facts, before you ever take a side. Everything I have stated here is complete fact. Every family is a target.

7 thoughts on “I was asked to share my opinion of Riverside County Judges and CPS with other families.

  1. I am being accused of medical neglect of my son 15…i had proven by documentation and witness accounts that the allegations had no founding they were not the truth and was fabricated tales.Being that the first sw tried to submit 300(b),300(g)welfare and safety codes…excuse me,she was interviewing my child without permission or my presence,then came to my home after he was released from hospital to interview his twin brother!So now knowing that the neglect can’t stand they have(REACTIVATED)a 14 year old case that was closed!!That has no bearing on my life or my families in the present!
    How can they reactivate some thing that was closed?Not to mention the lies and twisting of reports to warrant there dragging us into the system from over 14 years ago!
    Not to mention last time in court they never even called us in and we had been sitting in the hall waiting to be called.Our Lawyers knew we had been there as they had talked to us before they went in.They also called 2 cases plus ours also i guess..only heard these people get called in..then lawyers came out and she told me that we will be going to trial next court date and she isn’t helping me with a dang thing…doesn’t even return my calls when i do call….and at this time i can’t even work as one of my jobs is with the city as sub crossing guard…..they are ruining my life and my sons also….


  2. I moved to Vista Ca. To futher my education at California College of Sandiego SanMarcos campus. It was a few weeks after I had Started,BREANNA KNIGHT a SW from RIVERSIDE along with the POLICE DEPT entered my daughter and grandchildrens house and arrested the two parents for what tested positive for drugs and took all five of the kids 1 yr to7yrs old to two different foster homes not able to find a home for all of them together. But not to worry because the kids share the same WORKER SARA MONTOYA FROM KOINAIA FOSTER FAMILY SERVICE in riverside county. Three weeks later tests came back from the lab that prooved that what they found was epson salt.The two of them were released on false charges but because they knew we didnt have the money for an attorney we werent allowed to send the judge anything directly it had to go through CPS first. I tried for 4 months to get an apt to visit with them but BREANNA KNIGHT avoided me and I was told that her SUPERVISOR JAHARI WEIR was in Jury duty and not sure when she would return. Finally after six months my mother and I were able to visit and the three babies were so confused and scarred they screamed like we were trying to kidnap them but the two oldest ones were very happy to see us. The attorney for my daughters criminal case was RICHARD DICKS after the lab reports came back he told me to my face that if it was up to him he would make it impossible for them to see one-another


    1. I am sorry I am so angry and my heart hurts so deeply I can’t stop crying I will finish this nightmare soon. But what is being said is not at all untrue My family is livening this nightmare. PLEASE! PLEASE! SOMEBODY HELP US GET OUR CHILDREN BACK AND STOP THESE CROOKS FROM DOING ANYMOOR DAMAGE .
      RUDY, KAMRYN and KLOEY your family loves and misses you very much.


    2. OMG!! Ja Hari Weir is the most vicious, sick social worker in Riverside County! Brianna Knight is DATING A RIVERSIDE COUNTY SHERIFF and they are in “collaboration”! Ja Hari makes up the most disgusting lies I have ever heard! They are absolutely dispicable! I am so sorry you have been vicimized by this fu**ed up system. Keep reading our site, and email me if you have any specific Riverside County questions.


  3. I have a story that is a nightmare that no one would believe. I would love to talk to you or anyone else that has been through anything like I have. I have been robbed my babies and never got a chance to say goodbye. I was accused of falsely altering chemical drug tests by alleging flushing my system three different times. I was jailed for it. Only to be proven innocent of the allegations but CPS still took my children. They were taken from me because of a abusive husband and now he has them. My pain never goes away. I live in hell every second of the day. I had older children and they were so severely traumatized by the loss of their younger siblings that now I have lost them as well due to the overwhelming paid that they suffer from this unbelievable injustice


  4. This will definitely be the last attempt i give to get my four children back…my spul has exhausted its flaming for life. I need a referral to an attorney that can move tge impossible…riverside county rulings!
    Im tired, sad, defeated and hopeless not to mention helpless. Theyve taken my purpose.
    If u can give me a referral i would very much appreciate it otherwise i believe i must say goodbye to my children so that they accept whats happened and they move on without holding on to a hope that wont deliver. As for me i will just continue existing…cuz i stopped living jan 12, 2013.


  5. The judge ordered children with me (grandma) asap but CPS didn’t do as judge ordered. 2 grands still in the system. Riverside County CA


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