CPS is TERRORISM by Government.

It is almost impossible to believe Government is still ignoring parents cry for help.   More Children get hurt in CPS care than in the care of supposed abusive homes. After all these years and the hundreds of thousands of parents filing lawsuits and all with the same story.
The Government and CPS are very aware of what is going on in the best interest CPS and the bottom line, Money.   These social workers that are stealing children for a pay check and will lose their jobs, I will get my day in court to present my side of the case, The social workers made so many mistakes and committed endless crimes against children and the parents.  I am convinced there is no saving CPS with any reform, there is no accountability.

The facts you CPS can’t cover up or hide behind.  If what you were doing was truly to help children, you would not have to lie, fabricate, and use false evidence against parents to gain their children.  Pretending you are some kind of hero is another lie you tell yourself and your family to get your terrible guilt ridden mind over destroying another child and their family . The only person who believes this is you.

Copy this link  another site for family help.
FBI Investigating This CPS Office!

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  1. Walter Mondale instated kid snatching. Bill & Hillary Instated welfare reform, causing mothers to starve. Pedophiles they gave $$8500 per child to CPS stealing children, plus bonus. Jeffery Epstien convicted pedophile billionaire, Lolita jet private island. Zorro ranch NM, Bill Richardson Bohemian club, NM stealing teens. Private prisons back Hillary. Boys & parents put in jail girls get to go to the ranch. Judge karen Parsons, kids are drugged, brainwashed . RacRacketeering is the Clintons game.

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