Children Killed in CPS care

How long can we continue to tolerate this abuse of our children for tax dollars ? Everything I am saying is from CPS statistics. Social workers should be absolutely ashamed of the pain cause to so many.

Everyone knows, unless they have been living under a rock for 35 years, that CPS does not help families nor protect children from abuse.  Fact! CPS  looks the other way in real cases of real abuse most of the time.

Most of the time CPS is guilty of placing children in dangerous situations and causing abuse by placing them in unfit foster homes.

Take the home our child was placed in for instance, this home was never approved for foster care the entire time our child was placed there. CPS would put our child in danger to get placement money instead of placing him with family even after my sister was approved 3 times for placement.

  NOW IS THAT LOOKING OUT FOR CHILDREN or in there best interest?  ANTIONE COLEY your lies have never been believable. Your actions destroy everything you say. 

CPS  looks for a way to take every child they think can be sold for adoption funding  the CPS attitude is and if some don’t make it, well that is the cost of doing business. These are our children and it is time to stop being the cause of pain for so many.  These children are the world to US.

My only crime is not trusting CPS with my child.  I have known CPS workers for 35 years from my past marriage and I know what you do, why would I ever think “YOU PEOPLE” could be trusted with my child.  Just read your own statistics, they are horrible. Your business ethics are implorable to anyone who pays attention.

You CPS people are responsible for getting more children hurt than in abusive homes.   Don’t take my word for it, read your own website.  You guys just keep looking out for the child’s best interest, because your winning our lawsuit for us. 

Children are getting killed in your care. Don’t you people have a soul? 

These are the worst cases imaginable. Children taken from their parents because the “child protectors” say they will be abused, and are killed. The child protectors CLAIM to “protect the children” but, more often than not, the children are not “abused” by their parents, but are KILLED by “the system”. If they’re not killed by the system, they are ruined for life by it. The “systemic problem here is the system taking the child as a FIRST OPTION, and often (a MAJORITY of the time) finding NO abuse on the part of the parents, and getting the child KILLED by the system. Studies have shown that THERE IS NO abuse in 80% of all cases. Which means “child protectors” are so busy pursuing false abuse cases, they don’t have time to find REAL cases of child abuse, either at home, or especially not in foster homes. They are “hard-wired” to suspect abuse at home, but not in foster homes.

So they miss much and torpedo their efforts to find REAL child abuse. If they’d just RECOGNIZE it when no abuse is found, rather than pursuing ALL cases as if the “report” itself was “prima-facie evidence” of abuse, they might actually uncover REAL cases. The “child protectors” say I’m “against child protection.” I’m not. I AM against child ABUSE in the GUISE of child protection. I am against the oppressive means they use to harass innocent parents unconstitutionally. Against child protection? No. Accusing me of being against child protection is their means of discrediting the truth I tell about them and their scams. But the numbers speak for themselves. (Physical abuse in foster care, 160 to 59 at home). That’s THREE TIMES the abuse children suffer at home! Sexual abuse? 112 in foster care to 12 at home. You cannot argue against these numbers, and they come from The National Center on child Abuse and Neglect (NCCAN). These aren’t coming from me. I’m just passing them along.

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