CPS, STOP and listen to the children.

I have always loved raising children, I love their smiles in the morning and their excitement when I take them to the park or just spend time listening to their curiosity of  the world, being a parent has always just been what I wanted to be. When I finally divorced my ex-wife it was after many years of infidelity.  The only reason I stayed so long was for the children, I never wanted to be without them,  always knowing in the back of my mind that her mother was a CPS Supervisor/social worker and it was always very obvious what her powers were. My ex-wife would always threaten that single fathers don’t get custody. She always knew the worst way to hurt me was through my kids. Even after 9 years and the 3 of 4 of our children being grown, she continues to not only hurt me but she hurt her own children by calling CPS so much that they ended up taking their baby brother.  A social worker told me that she called the hotline 18 times in one month. I have documentation of her calls to she made directly to our social workers and even leaving voice mail messages. Social Services knew she was making these reports up because they would tell me so when they came out.

CPS has, without a doubt, become the biggest disappointment in my life,  basically ending all faith and belief in the system. I, like many people, believed that they were there to protect children and do what is right.  The day they took my child was the day I started to understand what CPS really does to families. My ex-wife has been on a mission to destroy my life and my new wife’s life.  She got her wish,  I will never feel like a whole person again. I am so ashamed  I ever spent any time in my life believing in her when she could be capable of such destruction.  To hate a person so much that you hurt their child is sick beyond belief.

The day CPS showed up at the hospital and came into my life and took my baby boy with out any real evidence, only lies.  CPS told my wife and I if we did not admit to using drugs that we would never see our son again. They crammed their “case plan” down my throat and we did what they wanted so we could get our kids back but I thought they just didn’t have all the pieces of the case together yet and I thought it will come out later on as they do some investigating. As time went on and and nothing that we said or did was playing any part in ending this false report of abuse.

I started to get so confused in my head about how people could be like this.  These Social Workers knew my wife was sober and it did not  make any difference, this woman was still telling me that we were going to lose our son and never see him again.  I asked her what gives you the authority to go around destroying peoples lives this way? Her answer was almost impossible to understand because of the painful way it was said.  She told me, “because I can and I am not leaving here without our baby”.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing was real. She began to tell me that she knows we are on because they got a phone call from my ex-wife stating we had been doing drugs and they should go to the hospital and take our baby from us.  I tried to tell them that my ex-wife was a very mean person and only wants to hurt my new family.    I told her that I have already filed  a restraining order on her because she will not stop trying to hurt me.  I also told her that my ex-wife is always  trying to get money out of me and threatening to call CPS if I didn’t give her money. CPS took her word that I am a bad father but she was jealous and resentful because I was granted custody of my children in the divorce.

CPS presents a mask for the public and the media and the public that they are saving children from some sort of horrific child abuse or neglect. But that’s not a lot of cases as far as I can see. There has never been any debate among national policy makers, researchers, and federal agencies that the vast majority of CPS cases are due to poverty or frivolous/social reasons and do not contain elements of real child abuse. If the cases did actually involve acts of abuse they would be criminal, identified and investigated by law enforcement, rather than social workers, and would be prosecuted as such. P.L. 96-272 came into effect partly because Congress determined that a large number of children were being unnecessarily removed from their homes, and, once removed, they were lost in the limbo of foster care for years, many until they just grew too old, when they were then put on the streets at the age of 18.

My life has become a mission of fighting this enormous abuse on the family by people not trained to help anyone while  pretending to be doing the right thing for children but their actions speak so differently .  To quote the Bible, you will know those by the gifts they bear.  CPS blames everything on the parents even if the child gets hurt while in foster care because somehow its parents fault.  I have been lied to so many times by social services for example,  after the judge gave orders to return our children, the social worker,  Kristine Vernier told me she did not have to follow the courts orders, because they are just “recommendations”. But when the Judge orders the parents to do something, its a requirement. If this was true there would be no judge.

It is so obvious CPS doesn’t care about children, the only thing CPS is in the best interest of is the title IV-E Funding and the CAPTA  funding.   There are so many abuses on children by Social Workers, if they really cared about children then CPS would actually interview children and give them a voice like real people. The only time CPS lets children speak on their own behalf is to testify against the parents.  With such obvious prejudice, they can’t say they are really looking out for the child best interest.  One of CPS’s offenses is children have no voice in their own safety and are many times forced placement against their will. I can only speak for me currently, but when I was a child I defiantly knew what was in my best interest.

I wish I could convey to you the heartache that my wife and I are going through because of the lies my ex-wife told. My sons life will be forever damaged by CPS.  How can this happen today in this country?  I have raised 3 children to become great caring adults and my daughter who was 14 wasn’t ever included in the case because she is a social workers granddaughter but the children belonging to my new wife and I were taken into foster care and our youngest son was put up for adoption, There is so much prejudice in this case how come I can’t get it heard in a real court.  If I was a real danger to the kids of my new marriage, then we could presume I was bad for the children of my past marriage as well.  Can anyone see the injustice here?

Our son is a gift from god to raise as a decent, loving, caring human being by people who truly care about his needs as a good worth wile individual. This was stolen from him. Now  he is with CPS foster care and they have the worst record  raising children. Children raised in foster care are 70% more likely to commit a crime landing them in prison for the rest of their lives. The answer for this is obvious, foster care children are treated by CPS as if they do not matter like throw away children. Here is a  fact that CPS tells children to break the bond from the parents,  YOUR PARENTS DO NOT WANT YOU. I have been told this over and over by so many people going through this same type of abuse.  Doesn’t anyone ever stop to think these are the people we are leaving this planet to and they are mistreated during the most important time in life? OMG  CPS is only a job people how can you abuse families and bring such unhappiness to so many for a paycheck?

For the child’s best interest is what CPS claims,  if this was true then CPS would listen to these children who are begging to go back home.   When there has been no abuse and the child says over and over, my parents love me and treat me great. CPS doesn’t  listen to children when they say they were not abused.  Our child was put up for adoption and it states in the report that we treated our child very well. These judges will take your rights as a parent with out any proof of wrong doing even when the child says there was no abuse.  How can anyone say, this is in the child’s best interest?

We will never stop fighting for our child,  there is only one agenda for these CPS courts, taking children for money. There is only one answer, CPS is wrong and it shows in all there actions. We are right and will not stop fighting for our child ever. Doesn’t matter what the judge ever tells me, my child’s life and happiness are much more important  period.  This is outrageous  that this doesn’t matter to you Judge Monterosso / CPS ring leader.  This Judge knows CPS hurts children and destroys families to the inner most core.   These are the people protecting our children.  You should be ashamed of yourselves.  I guess you have no god to answer to.

Published by donnellyjustice

I started off blogging because of how unjust my family was treated by the court system and I woke up to a system of law that doesn't care about right or wrong, evidence or no evidence, or even listening to both sides of the case. I must be crazy to have thought our courts were based on facts. CPS submitted another mans criminal record, different birthday but same name to present to the court as if there was a long criminal history. I did not find this out until after my child was removed, when I tried to correct this my evidence was refused to be put on record... This is one of many criminal actions by not just CPS but the court as well This is very personal and close subject to my heart as my family was just devastated by the corrupt JV family courts. I have witnessed the complete destruction of any legal process with out any actual proof of anything. This judge made a complete joke out of our constitutional and civil and human rights of parents. To pass judgment without being shown proof of some kind, any kind at all, shows no moral fortitude of decency as well as respect for the American families that he serves. I don't know if people even pay attention to what is actually happening in these courts today and that we have already lost most of our rights to a fair court system in most of this country. We need to make everyone aware of this corrupted court system is. We have lost our rights in court and these judges supporting it. The only people who still believe, CPS is their to help families are families CPS hasn't helped. Children are not disposable and families are the backbone of this country. This makes me so ashamed of this country to have let CPS go this far without any over-site the facts are all over the internet, parents trying to just get any kind of hope at all that someone will just listen. Every single case I research, CPS is the only side the judge even hears. This is so wrong OMG We have the right to a fair trial, "right"? That's what I thought. Not with CPS. Parents have no defense when they are accused by CPS. CPS will do everything they can to ruin parents and sell their children for profit. I can not except American families being treated so badly. I will spend the rest of my life speaking out and waking people up to what is truly going on with the company hired by the government to protect children, when all the facts and statistics show CPS is for the money and only 15% of the time ever has a legal reason to remove a child. That is disgusting. They do it because they the judge only lets CPS on record. This is absolute corruption in the worst way with the most innocent of people being destroyed. Look up the facts, before you ever take a side. Everything I have stated here is complete fact. Every family is a target.

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We need to stand together and fight for our children

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