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Personal note from DonnellyJustice and Dedicated to my child stolen by CPS

Nancy Schaefer’s report should have been enough to call for the dismantling of CPS, instead it cost her life. We all know she was doing the right thing and was a great woman. How can people hurt children for money? I will never understand why. These people are guilty of kidnapping and destroying families for profit.

CPS IS OUT OF CONTROL . The investigation in the next article started at the Georgia Senate, expanding to corrupt CPS courts in every county across the entire country.  These people stealing children from parents and should end up in prison, I will except nothing less. This investigation called for the closing of CPS nationwide.  Our government is aware of these children and families being destroyed for profit. 5 years after Nancy Schaefer  read her report to congress our children still are being kidnapped by our own Government.

WE  AMERICANS CAN NOT STAND FOR THIS COMPLETE DESTRUCTION OF OUR FAMILIES AND STEALING OUR BABIES ANY LONGER.  My child no longer has his parents to tell him how much we love him and how proud of him we are. This is critical for a child’s development.  How long can a 4 year old be in a home without his parents and not suffer from depression?  He knows he is our world and how much we love him, what is going through his mind now? We despair over this thought 24/7.

We suffer everyday and to CPS it was just a paycheck.  We were ripped away from our child and he was stolen from us. When our rights were terminated, Antoine Coley and Amanda Spratley literally jumped up in the courtroom, smiling and congratulating themselves while we, our daughter, Donnelly’s Aunt and  his half brothers were crying.

We miss him terribly and the pain never goes away.  Donnelly, we miss you so much.   Please God look after our baby boy and bring him home.

Love, Mommy & Daddy

(Bill & Sharon Burns)


Spend some time and read the information on this site.  I hope this information can help you understand what we are dealing with.  Please give this information to someone you know, this is so important.  The more people that know,  the better chance we have of fighting for our children who have no voice. Do the right thing and God bless.


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