California: Dependency Quick Guide

I really wish I would have found this publication a long time ago.  It is for attorneys representing children and parents but every parent and mature child needs a copy!

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  1. My children were detained August 14 2013 because DCFS filed a false petition. They are accusing me of being mentally ill to the point that I may harm my kids in the future. They admit that I have so far never neglected nor abused my kids and that I am not a drug abuser. My children are ages 6, 5, and 1. They are claiming that I made homicidal and suicidal ideations after giving birth to my Son in the hospital but I was released from the hospital with my Son. I saw I psychiatrist when I was in the hospital recovering from giving birth to my son and if I was suicidal or homicidal than I would have never been released with my son and I also assume it wouldn’t had took 3 months for a petition to be filed when dcfs was also present when I was in the recovery room. Please help in any way you can because I have been fighting this case for a year and 7 months and now my attorney is telling me April 1st 2015 that my kids will most likely be permanently placed because of their ages. I completed everything the courts ordered but they continue to say I might harm My kids and their evidence is a hospitalization and a diagnosis from 2008 when I didn’t even have children. My name is Serenity and my number is 6612087631. Help wanted and needed immediately if possible. GOD BLESS.

  2. My 4 children have been removed from my custody due to abuse I endured from my husband. The reason was I couldn’t keep myself safe so I couldn’t keep them safe they then chose to split up the sibling after months of being together at their grandma’s house to force the older children to live with a biological father who not only never played a role in their lives but also abused me during our relationship. My story is just another long heartbreaking story of the judicial system revictimizing the victim. They blame you for being abused and as if the kids haven’t been through enough they rip them away from the only parent they know making it impossible for that parent to protect them. Forcing them into deeper depression and hurt and all the while stating they are only acting in the best interests of the children. They let the abuser be free of judgement and blame. They focus all that judgement and blame on the victim. What kind of world is this when the victim is the one being accused and punished for the behavior of her attacker. How is it that after an attack on a victim that the courts turn around and arm that abuser with the victims hand written statement. Only to inferiorate him more. Then they remove the victims children stating she let them be witnesses to domestic abuse and now she must fight to get them back while constantly looking over her shoulder for a lurking nightmare. No protection no support just blame and loneliness. Explain to me please how this is a system that is not failing. Who do the victims have? The abusers get offered classes like Batters Education or Drug Treatment what do the victims get? To fight a battle on their own for the one thing they have lived their entire life for, their children.

  3. Was a foster child from 10 months old till 17 years old. One thing i have found to be true. What they do is never in the best interest of children! I was taken and placed supposedly because my bio mom took me everywhere she went including the bars she frequented! Maybe it was a bad idea, maybe she had an alcohol addiction problem. I truly don’t know and will never know.
    Initial placement!

    However the first home was supposed to be about protection. I not only was a foster here but was eventually adopted by the Rollison’s, I had two sisters who were also removed at the same time i was and i was the youngest of us three. We were then separated and my two sister got to stay together in the next home. From the earliest memory i have it was in a crib crying for my mommy, I was standing in the crib at the time and there were other cribs. Why is this important because somehow i developed RAD and RAD is the failure to bond with a primary caregiver within the first three to five years. Not only do i have RAD but a range of other mental health problems as a result of placement. They throw drugs at kids in care like candy to prevent emotional outbursts. Kids just want their parents, they want to be loved, snuggled, and told they are loved. What did I hear the entire time I was in this home. I could be taken back where i was found. How i had spoiled milk in my bottle when she got me! Really nobody at the agency could get me fresh milk or check my bottle if in fact they took me with a bottle. She lives about an hour maybe a little less from the agency if i was taken and they went through their list to find someone immediately available to come get me. How much time could have passed? An hour or two meanwhile this was June of 1970. Two hours and the same bottle of milk if that is the case it came from when i was taken. I heard numerous other mean things from this mommy like I’d be just like my mother and never amount to shit. I was a failure. The list goes on. She was not only mentally abusive but physically abusive too. She slapped us in the face, arms, or anywhere she could make contact and used a piece of mine belting that had holes drilled into it for maximum effectiveness. At one point i was under 15, probably under 12 even she threatened to hang me from the rafters in the basement naked so she could beat me. Her crack were not just one. She beat till she brought marks and took out her aggression on us. I use to be scared of coming home from school because of the mood she would be in. Did i rebel eventually, YES! When i was 15 she made her threat of taking me back where i was found and immediately i said do it! I was ready to get out of there. I never backed down and was taken back where i was found. I got to meet my original caseworker Wilma Johnson from Taylortown, PA. She seemed like a nice lady at the time and sent me to my third placement! Yes third placement! I didn’t even go into the sexual deviate shit that went on in this home. I was under five and someone really screwed up my head with some serious shit. I don’t think it was her but it was a female in this home.

    Second placement
    About 11 or twelve I was placed in another home in what might be called a respite. We were having issues and they wanted to teach me a lesson which they did but probably not the one they wanted. This home was Letha Powell’s and she also ran a for profit dairy farm. About 70 to 80 Cows at any given time. They also had huge gardens to work as well as tons of hay to mow and care for. Who was the labor? Us kids it was good for us to get up at the break of day and work till dusk. I watched this woman beat a young child for what i think is wearing his boots into the home after coming from the barn. He was much younger than I and I’m almost positive had been in this home his entire life after he was taken. When i got to leave she made the statement to Wanda Rollison: “Don’t believe him he is a liar”! I never understood this at that time but once i realized the definition of child abuse I realized why she said it! Letha Powell Spraggs, PA! They received federal farm subsidies.

    Third placement
    After my demand to take me back where i was found when she once again threatened to. I was placed at the Whoolery’s. I was the first and only foster kid they had for a while. No problems existed and we had got along great till other kids were placed and then the arguing with each other started. She seemed to get stressed out and did start screaming at the kids. However we never had many issues. One point i was accused of doing something wrong to something they owned and I knew I didn’t so i fought back and demanded to be moved. I wasn’t going to be someones scape goat. Out of respect for them because they tried to provide a good home. The screaming and rants may have been bad but never was beat or threatened to be taken back where I was found! I even got better grades and was on homecoming court that year. Amazing you take a child out of a severely abusive home and look at the progress made in such a short time. CPS has their way, homes would be overwhelmed with kids because the more kids in placement the more money coming from Title IV-E funds. How many placements petitions are fabricated. They are to have made request for family placement as well as provided or offered to provide family services to prevent placement. How many times do judges just rubber stamp these orders knowing he is eventually going to get his share of the pie! So i made tons of progress in this home and they decide to try to reunify. Not once did anyone ever ask me about my adoptive home and why i left. I did however talk to the foster mom about it! Not one case worker had ever expressed interest! Cindy Moore Clarksville, PA was the caseworker who came and threatened me with the Powell’s home over that one incident that I wanted to be moved from because i had nothing to do with the accident. When you leave Morgantown and your parked on beechhurst you don’t have to go through the college campus to get out of town. Beechurst is a direct exit out of Morgantown! Please make something of it CPS! Anyways they start visits with the Rollison’s and on one of theses visits she states they have to pay child support fro me being in another home and how emancipation would finally get me out from under the system and be my own boss. Wilma Johnson backed this up remember she was my initial caseworker at 10 months old. I thought this woman was great the first time I met her however she not only supported this emancipation she gave me sealed information that required a court order to have about my bio family and gave me time to go find them that day. I found them in a matter of seconds and tried to reunify with them but our worlds are totally different. One her new husband didn’t like me from the onset. Every time i went around i heard “here comes asshole!” Why because i never came bearing gifts like cigarettes and pop or something! So the emancipation goes through and I’m jobless, homeless meaning i didn’t have my own place and the ability to maintain it, I didn’t finish high school. I’m sure there were other factors for the emancipation to have been granted. The Judge Terry Grimes made the statement that “He didn’t want to see me in his courtroom again!” Really why would you make this statement! Well buddy your going to be seeing me but its with a warrant for your arrest eventually. Your a public servant you should have served the public with honesty and integrity!
    I’m not on here looking for money or pity! I want justice for all! Every child abused, exploited, neglected and traumatized in states custody! I want every child that has been murdered by state approved foster / adoptive providers to finally have a voice. I may not be as eloquent as others or have the grammar skills and spelling as most but I’m determined and destined to succeed!

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