This is going on in every single county, in every state. This has been wide spread on for 11 years to collect as much adoption doubling every year. Hundreds of thousands of children being stolen by an agency that is gone so corrupt that when Senator Nancy Schaefer uncovered this scam on the AMERICAN PEOPLE she was killed along with her husband.

My mom taught me to respect authority, help others whenever possible, and that CHILDREN ARE TO ALWAYS TO BE PROTECTED ABOVE ALL , NO MATTER WHAT THE COST. My mom was wonderful caring nurturing mom that taught all of her kids to always be aware of other peoples feelings, and beliefs, regardless if  RICH OR POOR, WHITE OR BLACK, and to treat EVERYONE AS I WOULD EXPECT TO BE TREATED

This is not the way my family has been treated by CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES, CPS has literally forced my wife and I to accept services by threatening to adopt out our BABY BOY if we did not sign a CASE PLAN admitting to guilt of neglect which we were not guilty of, CPS took our children without any evidence of wrong doing. They based their actions solely on my ex-wife’s relentless phone calls being still revengeful even 5 years after our divorce.  This was the excuse CPS needed, I later learned of corruption to the highest level of government to overlook the needs of the family for adoption profits

My ex-wife is the daughter of a “retired” CPS Supervisor/investigator “.,Her knowledge and influence of the system to have my children removed. When Emergency Workers, Lisa Austin and Valerie Scott, showed up at the hospital when my wife just gave birth to our son, the unprofessional manor in how she carried on was so extremely condescending and without merit, she should be absolutely ashamed of her self. My wife and I were absolutely stunned by their terrorism approach and blatant false accusations. This didn’t matter to them whatsoever. They had only one goal in mind and that was to take our new baby boy knowing they would get away with this kidnapping. We told them there was no way they were not going to leave with our son. Lisa Austin told us she was going to leave with the county’s little boy and would place him up for adoption because we were unfit parents. She falsely claimed that my wife was “delusional” and that she had a phone call telling her my wife was on drugs  and the phone caller expressed over over the hot line that  since her ex-husband  didn’t give her money, that she was going to call CPS .

We were not shown any real evidence or any failed drug test   . We were only told if we did not sign a case plan they would adopt out our baby with in a couple of months. We were told if we fought this in court our baby would be adopted long before we could ever win.  So we did anything they wanted, to get our baby home.

We have documented everything and we can prove so many acts of falsifying documents and perjury. We were forced by corrosion to sign the case plan for any hope of getting our child back and only if we signed would the judge ever consider our getting our son placed with us. We were heart broken and desperate and just wanted our son not to be taken into foster care. The emergency worker went to our house and took the older daughter of my new wife, but my older daughter from my ex-wife the grand child of the CPS investigator was never removed from the house, this is clearly the work of BIAS on the part of CPS.  If we are not good enough parents for 2 children under 18 how can we be trusted with a CPS workers grand child.

CPS blatantly violates our rights under the color of law knowing that the Juvenile Dependency Court and everyone in it, completely support CPS actions despite them being criminal. anyone can take. We hired a lawyer who told us IN RIVERSIDE COUNTY CPS DOES WHAT THEY WANT WITH THE COMPLETE SUPPORT OF THE COURTS. for adoption money to place children out of relative care, while forcing the parents to go through services for so long until the 18 months is used up for children over 4 and much less for children under 4 , when this time has gone by the goal of CPS is to get the grand prize of adoption money that is in the hundreds of thousands  for each child,  He stated!

My sister and my oldest second son who applied for placement 3 times and was cleared every single time. Social Worker, Antoine Colley lied to my sister and kept telling her she was not approved, we later found out he lied about that as well. My youngest son ended up being placed into an unapproved foster home.  My older son was also lied to and told he could not have his little brother placed with him because he had payments he was making on a traffic ticket he couldn’t be cleared until all fines were paid off. This is a complete lie to make sure my child couldn’t be with family.

CPS wrote in many reports we abandoned our child. OMG My family has been torn apart and there has been no place to turn, everyone knows CPS is completely corrupt and I can’t do anything to stop this kidnapping and sale of my child. SOCIAL SERVICES AND THEIR GOVERNMENT CONTRACTORS are not subjected to oversight of any kind and their side will not be allowed to be challenged in court, , nothing you say or evidence you have will ever be heard, you do not have the right to jury of your peers, CPS courts, working for CPS will not follow any of your constitutional, or human rights. get ready to lose even if you are the best parent on earth because this is about money not you or your child. The Best advice I can give you is say or do what ever they want if you want a chance at getting your child back. This is coercion in the worst possible way. If you do not admit to things that you did not do, you will not ever get your child back. If you take the classes or what ever CPS offers and you get your child back consider your self lucky and move as soon as the case closes.  I screwed up and stayed in the same location because I did not understand how CPS targets parents over and over until they get to sell the child.

When you love your child so completely as my wife and I do, you tend to see your world from that perspective of happy people and don’t look for people targeting your family for money.  We are so, utterly destroyed now from the lose of our beautiful baby boy. Some days I will walk around and see my sons toys or his hot wheel jeep that he loved so much and I will break down and just start crying endlessly, It has been a year now and the pain just never lets up or goes away. My wife is just the same as me, her hurt is continues.
 When your child is stolen by that agency they target you and your family and they make make you look unfit in the courts eye. When it is going on you feel like you are in another world and you will wake up some day, but when you wake up, you feel so destroyed, you forget how to just go on with the day to day life because everything was a lie just to get your baby, OMG this is honestly the most painful thing you or I will ever go through. The only thing that goes through you head is “why would they do this to us?” Our child was amazing and we treated him that way.  I HOPE EVERYONE WHO READS THIS CAN UNDERSTAND WHY WE WERE TARGETED if you do not let me put it into simpler terms. CPS IS NOW TARGETING GOOD PARENTS BECAUSE THESE CHILDREN ARE WANTED BECAUSE OF THERE GOOD LOVING NATURE BECAUSE THEY WERE LOVED THEY ARE GREATLY ADOPTABLE.
People, you better watch your children with your life. CPS will steal.your child. If I knew then what I know now. That worker would not have left with my child. There is nothing in this world that could ever account for this much pain. CPS has given me the death sentence for being a great parent. There is no misunderstanding and no confusion, I know now from talking to so many parents with the same identical type of situation with the same outcome. THERE IS NO DOUBT THIS IS ON PURPOSE, and CPS is not in business to help any child or parent. CPS is in the business of selling children. This is not a matter of winning or losing to them, they have your child and now you have to do what they want to get him placed with you, this is the best outcome possible, CPS does remove parents rights giving the child up to adoption for people who fight for their children.
There has been so many cases where has targeted the lawyers children of people who fight for their children.
 How could I grow up in this world and not know there are people of such a degrading character and without even a hint of decency or the ability to care about an innocent child,and yet still completely so unconcerned with how they treat the people around them while stooping to a predator level as to knowingly destroy a family for a pay check, to take a child from the only home he or she has ever known, throwing away the needs of the child, security, feeling needed, loved, cared about as only a parent can provide, A child knows there parents can’t be traded like they were never there children are not stupid. still the social worker, with out ever a thought of concern of how this will destroy the child’;s entire life with suffering hurt and confusion of giving this child away to different parents, now the child feels lost, not connected, depressed, lonely, unloved, the child will never know why this has happened to them, or for the life long pain of the parents, will suffer the worst part of this predator is all the while playing the role of the concerned social worker..
CPS you can keep telling everyone your lies, of helping families but the proof from years of abuse of children and parents by CPS is abundantly clear, Antoine Coley your time has come and gone. Even your own record keep shows more children die in CPS protective care than in even homes of so called abuse.  Children who are genuinely loved and cared about always go home no matter how much you force them to stay in a place they do not belong or want to be.  You may fool adults but you can’t ever lie to a child and make them feel like you really care. They know if you are unconcerned with how they feel feel. they know your not for real.
Respectfully, William Ronald Burns for Donnelly Justice


  1. I read your post and realized I am not the only one who was ACCUSED under false pretenses. I created in hopes to find answers or get my children back. Neither happened and you can see by the website my case is a town away in San Bernardino county. I finished the case plan with no outcome except to drag this out another 2 months until they adopt my oldest and are trying to adopt out the youngest. My prayers go out to you and your family.

  2. My case is out of dubuque county in dubuque, iowa…my rights to my daughter have been terminated after 12 months of bullshit…the judge ruled in favor of cps (here its dhs for department of human services-although dis {department of inhumane services} would be more fitting since what they actually do is “dis” the rights of many loving parents)
    Judge signed his order for tpr on july 1st, and to no surprise my court appointed attorney was unable to be reached for several weeks after the hearing, with the last time i spoke with her being at the hearing. So naturally when the family services worker (who i welcomed at our table on thanksgiving, fed kfc to before trick or treating, gave cake to on both my daughters birthday as well as mine in april, & gave hand made birthday card to, for her own birthday in may, that my daughter and i made together) she informed me of judges decision and said that my interactions were cancelled as they will be moving forward with a final 2hour,supervised, goodbye visit – i freaked and said i was going to find a way to object but i didnt even know how. I couldnt get my attorney to return my calls so i left a message for case manager who in turn wrote me a lenghty letter with judges ruling attached to it…she explained that i can file an appeal but that my attorney has to do that on my behalf & that it had to be filed with the courts no later than 15 days from the date of the order granting tpr. Well that gave me until july 15 to have my unreachable attorney file my appeal. Here is the kicker; the case manager wrote the letter on the 13th (date typed at top of it was july 13th,2014) the post mark stamped on envelope was dated July 14th, 2014. I received it in my mailbox on july 16th, so i learned of the right to an appeal a day after it had to be filed. Now in preparation for final visit which i have not gotten to speak to or see my baby since june 24 (the nite before termination hearing, we spoke on phone like we did everyday at 6pm for months prior; but they had with-held us from having any visits for several weeks before the tpr hearing due to what they said was “the need to make sure of both mother and childs emotional stability” whatever keeping us from seeing one another was to assure they make me out to be unstable in court. So now i just met with same worker who sat at my holidays for past year, for her to request certain information from me regarding my daughter Ava Louise’s birth; such as the tike & her weight n length, & also a deadline of 3 days before our last visit (scheduled at the end of august) to have a scrapbook of our life together completed n given to worker so that it can be screened to make sure its appropriate to give to her. They have demanded that i not cry at our goodbye visit. That i dont tell her much other than the 3 things theyve put on a worksheet for me to follow & do as if its a script. They expressed that if i become upset n begin to cry the visit (2short hours) will end immediately. Also if i dont say the 3 things they want or do say anything that woukd basically be truthful, it will end. Worker said shes bringing some activity games that we will be doing so as to keep this last time with mom a fun time so she has good memories of me! The 3 things: 1) tell her i love her still and always will 2) tell her i cant take care of her 3) tell her she has my permission to love another family and have a new mommy
    These monsters are very sick. Works of the devil. No way i will not lie to my daughter…i can take care of her but they wont let me. I did it for 4 myself no help n shes amazing shes beautiful shes smart shes sweet and polite shes mine and how can i not cry wen they havestolen her n are forcing us to say goodbye and be apart indefinetly? Please. Give me some feedback. Any advice i am so lost. That little girl is my life. My world is nothing without her in it.

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