Dear Juvenile Dependency Judge:



I have some thoughts that you need to hear, I am expressing this by and through my United States Constitutional Right to  FREE SPEECH.

If anyone reading this has an opinion and would like to comment, that is also YOUR RIGHT, so exercise it!

Now, I wish I could say that you are completely ignorant, unaware of the strings attached to you like a puppet.  I wish I could say that you are being manipulated and/or coerced into doing what you do. Sadly, I cannot say either.

The truth is, you are fully aware of the horse-and-pony show which performs daily in your “courtroom”. I have estimated that your Three-Ring Circus has almost 10,000 shows a year at each Courthouse in Riverside County. Annually, at approximately 30,000 “hearings” families’ rights are being violated, perpetrated against, in a sick perverted wold known as the Child Welfare Industry. They are often falsely accused, manipulated, coerced, improperly represented, denied due process rights that are supposed to be guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

A few of you are referred to as a “Judge” but excuse me, “Your Honorless”, there is no honor being  a circus show actor, a “Ringmaster Puppet” in this federal fund fraudulent menagerie. Your role in dependency is merely an acting contract. You act like you are in charge, you act like you consider all the facts, you act like you have some special power to know what is written in a report without having to actually read it. You act like you make decisions and “orders” but all you do, ultimately, is adopt all of the County’s requested findings and orders so they qualify for the Title IV-E money.  The Defense Panel are your circus elephants and clowns that disillusion the patrons while the freak show is playing behind closed doors. Your courtroom cohorts collaborate to steal the wide-eyed, teary-eyed children. This Big Top show is disguised as a legally binding and enforceable proceeding yet every family is scarred for life after attending even just one show.

Do you have any idea how devastating it feels when people, acting under the color of law, hold your children hostage while the huge railroad train called the judicial system runs you over?  Then wondering every second of the day if your child is safe?

It is torture for those parents who CARE about their kids and I know MOST of your spectators are caring, loving parents. I know because I have met them in the programs you shoved down my throat.

When the children come to your show, you give them candy, teddy bears       and Christmas presents, promising them safety yet you put them in homes of  strangers and sexual perpetrators. Let’s be honest here, pedophiles lurk where  children are, like those sick men waiting for children to walk by on their way home from school. It is a fact that children are MORE AT RISK IN FOSTER CARE, of getting injured, raped, molested,  neglected AND EVEN KILLED in foster care. If you would take the time to research, investigate and deliberate on the actual statistics of the child welfare system, you would know exactly what I am talking about.

But you don’t. The COUNTY’S circus clowns feed on the peanuts that are thrown to them, rewarding them for “buying in” to this COW of a cash generator.

The Child Welfare System and all the “stakeholders” literally swindle children from their parents claiming that the children are not safe and that ripping them away from their homes is “in the child’s best interests”.  What a charade!  On paper and in the media, the Child Protection and Welfare collaborators boast that they are “Saving abused, neglected children by helping parents overcome their horrible faults but at least giving children a permanent and safe place to live.” However, the children must now also suffer from the trauma of being taken and isolated from their family and they end up with more scars than they would have being left in a home that they feel secure in.

You really need to get down off your IV funded wooden horse and stop this freak show. Stop CPS from falsifying evidence, fabricating documents, committing perjury, and make them provide solid evidence of “reasonable efforts to allow the children to remain in the home”.  If you had any moral or ethical bone in your body you would ensure parent’s rights to a fair and unbiased proceeding, ensure competent counsel who are diligent, ensure children’s rights to the same, allow parents to speak for themselves if they wish, ensure all counsel provide their clients with copies of minute orders and that everything you actually said on the record is actually in the record.

 There are many things you can do to stop this child stealing whirlwind. Let’s begin with the information packet given to parents regarding the Juvenile Dependency process. This single piece of paper, folded in thirds to look like a leaflet, is the least informative slip I have ever seen. Surely, its real purpose is to limit the information parents receive. Other counties, like San Diego, who were investigated by the Grand Jury, at least provide a detailed timeline of the court process. The lame paper that Riverside County distributes  would be more beneficial and informative if it simply said, “YOU’RE SCREWED!” or even, “Just bend over, let us stick it in your ass and, if you pretend to like it, we might return your kids sometime whenever we feel like it.” As a matter of fact, I think I will print that up and pass copies around the hallways and drop some off at the AA meetings.

Pantomime Petitions and the Derailing Reports that you allow admitted into evidence are rarely properly served upon the parents and in my case, never served to the child who was over the age of 10. You could ask the children to verify whether or not they actually were involved in the case plan and maybe the Social Workers will do it for real. And why don’t you allow the parents to submit responses and declarations on their own behalf? Oh, and this is the waving flag-how come hair follicle test results HAVE to be paid for by CPS to be valid? What a crock of shit that is! Its even more outrageous that those clowns you call the Defense Panel Attorneys NEVER OBJECT to anything nor do they ever prepare a response or answer to the petition. Oh, and how the hell can any of your “Orders” be valid since you NEVER sign them and the Clerk NEVER provides anyone with ANY VALID ORDERS?!

Council in Pink TuTus

 And I don’t know if your clerk has a hearing problem or if she is directed and told to falsify the minute orders when you fail to make important and statutory rulings like “reasonable efforts” and other statements which ensure reimbursement from the various government funding accounts.  Your boisterous speeches and assurances of protecting the children may pacify some parents but they are once again kicked while they are already down when CPS shoves a Minute Order in their face that says that your “Orders” are merely “recommendations” and that CPS has ultimate authority and discretion over all decisions.  

And how about the gross negligence of the social workers to provide legitimate evidence? Do you actually read the Petitions and Reports? Do you look at the attachments? Most likely not. I highly doubt that someone in your position who has taken an OATH to uphold the law, seek justice for all and ensure people’s rights would be so completely ignorant of a piece of paper, which is THE ULTIMATE DECIDING FACTOR,  IN SOME CASES, TO NOT RETURN THE CHILDREN TO THE PARENTS AND/OR TO TERMINATE THEIR PARENTAL RIGHTS, that has NO DONOR NAME, NO DONOR ID, NO SPECIMEN NUMBER, NO COLLECTION SITE, NO COLLECTION TIME, NO LAB NAME, NO  ID, NO RECEIPT DATE, NO REPORT DATE, NO CERTIFYING SCIENTIST OR ANY INFORMATION WHATSOEVER LINKING IT TO ANYONE AT ALL.

Again, I wish I could say you are being fooled or ignorant but I can’t. Even if I could say that, either way you would be a lame ass EMPLOYEE WORKING AS A HEARING OFFICER CONTRACTED BY THE COUNTY FOR THE COUNTY.



6 thoughts on “Dear Juvenile Dependency Judge:

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  3. You know what everything you just stated is exactly on point. I’m am going through something similar right now. Why on earth do they get to play god. They do not have the children’s best interest at heart. My daughter has been placed with many different family member and has been in a group home now for the past 3 months. She has been exposed to all kinds of violence and scarey people I in my life have never been exposed to. She has cutt herself in their care, she has gotten a homemade tatoo of hot mascara and a needle, has been threatened has had her window broken by a group of girls wanting to jump her. Gets her stuff stolen. Is now cussing perhaps worse than a trucker. All of that has been acceptable to having my child’s best interest at heart. Her and my bond are stronger than anything. She is self distructing cause she just wants to come home. I have done absolutely everything they asked. There has been an issue with my drug testing though . I know for a fact I’m not doing a drug called methamphetamine. But they keep insinuating I do. First of all I completed all there friken classes therapy mental health meds parenting and more. I have went to all my drug tests no excuses I have been testing dirty ever since after the first two tests. Reason being after I was released from the hospital for overdosing on my prescription meds I was afraid of taking meds period. So the social worker told me they’d be checking my levels and would know weather or not I was taking my mental health meds . so I must take all my meds as prescribed . which is a whole bunch the things I require for my dentures after recently having over 24 of NY teeth pulled, my heart meds which is a total of 4 for that alone, dephidramine, my asthma inhaler, plus two pills for my mental health was Prozac and ability and now is Prozac and some other kind . Ever since then my tests have came back positive. An they won’t look into determining why ? No they just want to say I’m guilty upon my following their instructions to take all my meds. That is the one and only thing they have to keep my 3 children from me. I have never hurt my children only had a lapse of judgment with myself. Now that I have learned the consequences of my actions are I will never let myself become that weak ever again. I have always kept my children’s best interest at heart. I have court coming up on Jan. 5, 2016. My dispositional hearing. An haven’t been able to get a hold of my attorney. My children haven’t heard from theirs yet they are the ones who have complete control over our lives. I am going to try to speak for myself. I’m hoping my words come out right and god be on my side I don’t know what other way I can do it… But I do have my call log my drug screen receipts, a letter from my dentist , a letter from my Reverend at church, a letter of character from my best friend since 7 th grade. Pictures of the house. An I’m waiting on my medical records for my cardiologist seeing how I retain fluid an my hearts injection fraction is 20% . An I have my word as well as hope god will be able to make the impossible possible.

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