3 thoughts on “Rally Against CPS!

  1. Agreed, wholeheartedly. After looking this site over, I feel like my own story is being told here- except that (for now) I’ve had my youngest son returned to me, and they are trying to stop my oldest from being released, which will in turn give rise to them taking the little one again, I presume! Senator Nancy Schaeffer was slain, in what I believe was a double homicide at the hands of someone who stood to lose a lot of money, or at least credibility in the system and courts, over her expose on CPS Abuses nationwide. There is now more money to place children with non-relatives/foster/group homes (due to the Clinton program) than there is for unification or re-unification. I hope that I can complete their plan, and be left alone- but I know that is a pipe dream, and that at any moment, the Gestapo can sneak over and steal my child from the school, or lure me off our private property to avoid a warrant and take him- AGAIN. He was so traumatized, that I can’t even imagine his pain, as I can as an adult hardly come to grips with my own. Now we are accused of being stressed, can you believe it? Of course, we’re “stressed”, look at WHAT THEY DID TO US! They tell you that if you don’t sign a plan, they’ll take you to court- but that since you didn’t go to court, they won’t pay for all of your BS services you “agreed” to- this is not voluntary- this is extortion.

  2. My name is shirley salas and im from seattle our daughter was taken away at a walmart parking lot my husband was just looking at a map they said that my husband was having sex in the car with my daughter and the say pan handling my daughter has been in the cps system for 2 years my daughter was very quite and would listen to us but now that we saw our dauhgter she has complityly changed she us to tell her dad she loved him and now they told her things against my husband they changed her inner will inside I know it is wrong when cps takes someone children for no reason at all this cps coruption should stop and we all who had thier kids taken away by cps should get together and fight this people for what they are doing to us you can contact my husband on his cell phone he be glad to talk ??? ??? ????

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