More Corruption – Phoenix Arizona

2 thoughts on “More Corruption – Phoenix Arizona

  1. Cps in Arizona took my friends two little girl from there father for neglect and other reasons, My friend lived in Ohio and her children and there father live in Phoenix when the girls were taken. She (my friend) had to move to Phoenix and is doing everything Cps asks her to do, Cps is treating her like a criminal and are not returning her calls and it seems like they don’t want to give her kids to her.
    Someone needs to help her get her girls back.
    Cps doesn’t even have a case against her, the case is on the girls father and he refused to do anything for Cps like ua’s and parenting classes and Cps allows him visits but not her, she has done nothing wrong to be so mistreated by the system something has to be done, please help me help her

    • Yep. That’s what CPS does. CPS took my college bound kid and placed her in a group home where she got hooked on heroin. They also let my ten year old sleep in the same bed as 49 year old.

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