An officer’s tips to stop CPS dead in their tracks

Cute but TRUE.

8 thoughts on “An officer’s tips to stop CPS dead in their tracks

  1. The next time I read a weblog, I hope that it Does not disappoint me as significantly as this one. I mean, I know it was my selection to read, but I truly thought you would have something interesting to say about my job at CPS. All I hear is usually a bunch of whining about some thing that you simply could fix if you happen to weren’t too busy searching for attention. If someone took my kids I would celebrate But I work here so I would have to see them.

    • If you weren’t too busy spamming to sell shoes you might actually realize how much of a problem this business of CPS kidnapping children is. Google: CPS Kidnapping or “how child protective services buys and sells children” and you might see that there are plenty of people “whining” about something we ARE TRYING TO FIX.

    • WHAT???? You would celebrate if someone took your kids? Then maybe you shouldn’t have them! If we were child abusers, we would be celebrating and living it up. Instead, we are upset, because people are stealing our children for bullshit reasons. Example: a child who has ADHD and fails to wear deodorant enough so that they have body odor or wearing long sleeve shirts or having an imaginary friend.. This is the bullshit I was harassed over, they wouldn’t leave me alone and then all their sick dreams came true in the form of a jerk who was my roommate, he was asked to move out and as a form of revenge he called DCFS (I had made the mistake of telling him that I had been harassed by DCFS before I knew what a terrible person he was). He lied about me, said I was using illegal drugs in front of my daughter, and selling and swapping my meds, all of which are completely untrue… even though I have passed all my drugs tests, and was never charged criminally with anything (which I would have if I had been doing those things, they had brought detectives into the case at first) they still have my daughter, and no one seems to think that there is anything wrong with that. The original accusation couldn’t stick, so they said she was at “substantial risk of harm” which is bullshit as well. You don’t take a child over what MIGHT happen to them, but over what DID in FACT happen (which in my case was nothing!). Why should I celebrate? I will only celebrate when my child is returned to my care!

    • Your comment was absolutely horrible,it’s cps workers like you who put cps to shame, your kind with cps are that of a different bread, I wonder how your lives are,and without fault. Not to mention state employees never get drug tested. This is why cps is the way it is,it’s people like you,probably on pills of some sort,and nd or cocaine, I knew of a past friend who worked for cps and was on cocaine for ten yrs, never caught.she still wasn’t a heartless person. It’s a damn shame people involved with cps has nowhere to turn. This has got to end.its a known fact cps workers get into this position because they have skeletons in there closet and or abused as a kid, and they want to get back at the world by making other people’s lives miserable, I’m not on a cps case my son is, I cannot believe the lies and things you people make up. Somethings got to be done, it’s an epidemic. It’s hell on earth. You don’t see this happening to people with money. Only less fortuanate, you are a sick excuse for a human being. And you exactly represent the kind of inhuman cps workers who are hired. They don’t need to drug test foodstamps or welfare recipients,they need to drug test state employees, I use to work for foodstamps, des, they will hire anyone with a felony I even worked with a lady who murdered her husband and out of prison working for des. People out there do what I once heard, try and hire a private investigator on your cps worker and any one involved and expose them for what they really are, trust me mist state employees have a record, very easy to get a job with the state, I know I had a felony.attemted robbery I quit working for the state because the other employs were wacko and scandalous. Hire a detective..

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