4 thoughts on “CPS foster children approved for pesticide testing in alliance with EPA

  1. OMG! They are not even ashamed of themselves using captive children as lab rats! Every government employee involved in this needs to be arrested and tried on child abuse charges and profiteering under the RICO clause!

    • Its time to get together and stop the madness. I DO NOT APPROVE of this at ALL!!! Researchers of this kind of medical experimentation seek out children who are “wards of the Court” so the don’t have to seek parental consent. What parent would approve of medical experiments being done to their child? But the state gladly gives permission as long as it keeps the $$$money rolling in…. and there are plenty of pharmaceutical and government agencies funding this. I am SICK to what I am uncovering. My rights were terminated to my only son 2 years ago and I have reason to believe he has been subjected to this kind of medical malpractice.. When went to the court and explained that I believed there was medical malpractice being done to my son and petitioned the Court for my sons medical records they denied my petition and put a restraining order on me!! I have emailed hundreds of “doctors” searching for answers, with no response. Any suggestions on what to do next would greatly be appreciated.

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