Grand jury’s all across the United States have come up with the same findings of unaccountability in Child Protective Services for the death’s of children while in their care.






Child Protective Services covers up abuse and the deaths of children in foster care. This is NOT acceptable and will not be tolerated, I want my child back unhurt. Even the Federal government has requested CPS to stop covering up the deaths of children in CPS custody. I have read this in several news articles lately. OMG

Who is letting these people get away without reporting the deaths of children?

What is it going to take for this COUNTY AND STATE to consider our children more than a pay check?

What is going on and how come the people are not looking out for children?

Our government has shown us they don’t give a shit about our children and that they are nothing more than a pay check to these courts and CPS. Start talking to the people with children victimized by CPS and ask them if they want to do anything about this problem and if they do give them my email address. ProjectManagerBill@gmail.com

People, if you really are concerned about our children then email me and let’s organize and protest about this criminal behavior.

Write petitions, do whatever it takes to expose this problem of irresponsibility, non-accountability, and really really bad decisions by corrupt judges and Child Protective Services. All for Federal funding and it has to stop. These are innocent children and it is time for the state to grow up and stand for something other than big business at any cost.

If we don’t do anything about this problem, then we have no one to blame but ourselves. People before us have stood up for far less causes than this one. I have never in my life time seen a more noble cause.


Violations committed by the CPS JUDGE in my case.:

1) Failure to charge the Department with contempt for their lack of providing services in a timely manner and allowing us to be charged with kidnapping/child stealing (our OWN child) which should have been a mere CONTEMPT of court issue, that is even if one was to consider an UNSIGNED JUVENILE DEPENDENCY Minute Order printout as a VALID court order!.

2) Administrative malfeasance: This happened in our case in several instances. Finding that my sister’s testimony was “bias” towards me yet allowing a COURT CLERK’s testimony into the record.

3) Bias/appearance of bias favorable towards department as he always ruled in their favor and never in ours.(Made personal opinion comments about me, my wife and my family as well.) None of the judges allowed our exculpatory evidence into the record.

4) Comment on pending case (as in our case letting the DA sit in and commented on our pending case turning a contempt into a criminal made sure the DA was filing charges on a contempt of his court )

5) Decisional delays. Continued our hearings numerous times due to their calendar being full and without stating on the record how these continuances were in the best interests of the children.

7) Demeanor/decorum; in my case it was extremely unprofessional and was against us from the beginning. Made several inappropriate comments.

8) Disqualification/disclosure/post-disqualification conduct to long for me to go into here. will be presented at a later time.

9) Ex parte communications;.Had in-chambers discussions with attorneys not yet appointed as counsel.

10) Failure to ensue rights: how many can I go into here? The most damaging was allowing CPS to submit fabricated documents and false statements into the record without admonishment not to mention about 100 instances.

11) On bench abuse of authority in performance of judicial duties; There have been several listed here and I do have many more as do most of you reading this or you wouldn’t be here. Most parents just don’t think it will happen to them until they have lost their child.


Published by donnellyjustice

I started off blogging because of how unjust my family was treated by the court system and I woke up to a system of law that doesn't care about right or wrong, evidence or no evidence, or even listening to both sides of the case. I must be crazy to have thought our courts were based on facts. CPS submitted another mans criminal record, different birthday but same name to present to the court as if there was a long criminal history. I did not find this out until after my child was removed, when I tried to correct this my evidence was refused to be put on record... This is one of many criminal actions by not just CPS but the court as well This is very personal and close subject to my heart as my family was just devastated by the corrupt JV family courts. I have witnessed the complete destruction of any legal process with out any actual proof of anything. This judge made a complete joke out of our constitutional and civil and human rights of parents. To pass judgment without being shown proof of some kind, any kind at all, shows no moral fortitude of decency as well as respect for the American families that he serves. I don't know if people even pay attention to what is actually happening in these courts today and that we have already lost most of our rights to a fair court system in most of this country. We need to make everyone aware of this corrupted court system is. We have lost our rights in court and these judges supporting it. The only people who still believe, CPS is their to help families are families CPS hasn't helped. Children are not disposable and families are the backbone of this country. This makes me so ashamed of this country to have let CPS go this far without any over-site the facts are all over the internet, parents trying to just get any kind of hope at all that someone will just listen. Every single case I research, CPS is the only side the judge even hears. This is so wrong OMG We have the right to a fair trial, "right"? That's what I thought. Not with CPS. Parents have no defense when they are accused by CPS. CPS will do everything they can to ruin parents and sell their children for profit. I can not except American families being treated so badly. I will spend the rest of my life speaking out and waking people up to what is truly going on with the company hired by the government to protect children, when all the facts and statistics show CPS is for the money and only 15% of the time ever has a legal reason to remove a child. That is disgusting. They do it because they the judge only lets CPS on record. This is absolute corruption in the worst way with the most innocent of people being destroyed. Look up the facts, before you ever take a side. Everything I have stated here is complete fact. Every family is a target.


  1. They do it to alot of parents I got paperwork to show false drug test, dates, threats by supervisor June 14,2011 said they were taking my kids for reporting higher management ten false allegations said no home, no job, kids didn’t go school, March And May 18,2011 were false reports added, then on May 31,2011 said they receive letter that lie there was a called two police officer seach my home found nothing, drug test April 19,2011 & May 31,2011 drug test were negative kids were REMOVED JUNE 1,2011 DRUG USED so there doing it each day.


  2. RISPERDAL / DPJ Québec same SPC / BORDER OF UNREPAIRABLE : A sordid a small child covered under the DPJ ” ” (direction Quebec youth protection ) case. This child is kept under chemical restraint Risperdale + + EPIVA BIPHENDEN without proper medical supervision , despite the opinion of many professionals involved in the case , demonstrating the futility of such a measure , but also extremely negative effect on development of the child , who lives such a situation since the age of 4 years and now has 9 today . This child initially had a simple language delay , delay it was catching up with specialized services that Dr. Julien had established while the child was 27 months , the child had been entrusted by the superior court the mother Unsatisfied judgment , the father passed by the DPJ to set different sound in custody , the father suffers from a mental health problem confirmed and documented and a kind of projection its own problems on the child , not accepting the relatively Benin a language delay diagnosis , relying on a pervasive developmental disorder (PDD ), despite contrary medical opinions and evidence many videos where the child clearly demonstrates behaviors that are incompatible with autism, however , the father’s sister is a pediatrician and despite being aware of the psychiatric problems of his brother, still decided to collaborate on the game by issuing an assessment of convenience in the context of custody procedures ” ”
    The DPJ then attended the father in his efforts to regain custody of the child and thus avoid the emotional and educational environment that suited him to undergo a specialized educational environment incompatible with its actual state in addition to cause emotional trauma of separation from his mother and grandmother, trauma was ” managed ” by chemical restraint. Thereafter, the father had another child with his new wife, and no longer wishes to have custody of the child. Rather than reconfier child to its original natural environment, where it should never have come out , it is rather sent Rehabilitation Centre for Intellectual Disabilities (IDRC ) while fed psychotropic RISPERDAL that make in a vegetative state history to contain the rage and distress he tries to express face the intolerable situation which it is subjected .
    The child with all his cognitive faculties was forced to evolve in an educational environment designed for severely mentally handicapped clients, and cut off from any significant emotional and family ties . Imagine the impact on cognitive development , the brake can put it in achieving its full potential, but also the discomfort and discomfort that had no other choice but to express themselves through anger at such an attack on his own personal development , crises that DPJ chose to silence by a chemical straightjacket strength rather than acknowledge its mistakes and act in the interest of the child returning it in its proper family environment. The court unnecessarily delaying the relief must be provided to the child, which ought to be a top priority. responsible for this sordid affair have their heads in the sand, a small child left to his fate in a vegetative state , the mother attended the helpless child abandoned house home , sexually abused under the guise DPJ
    Look what happened to the child, 4 years of RISPERDAL + + EPIVAL BIFENDEN , a 5 and a half years in the long term , https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=171202709740790
    https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=242797545867441 ..


    1. All these comments make my heart hurt so for suffering children and parents are going through at the hands of people who don’t give a shit about families and the love and care they have for one another. This video shows the pride and care these parents have for their children even is CPS watched this video they don’t care children are just money to sick twisted perverted Judges, social workers, and everyone involved in these CPS fake courts.


  3. I got a case with cps and they drug test me and I came out positive of cocaine and never used in my life,but I go and pay for my own test and come out negative,so what’s right with the cps system,it’s alot of fraud in there


    1. Kathy, can you email me a copy of the positive and one negative? I am collecting falsified documents to send them to the OIG (Office of the Inspector General). They are in charge of the money and falsifying drug tests to justify removing children then the State and County is committing fraud against the Federal Government and they don’t like that.


      1. Hi there was a lady I took a harrasment judgement against and she called cps on me several times before my baby was born.. I had a emergency c section and was put under and woke up with my baby in the nicu then was told by my husband and my mother the they were not able to go in the room with me and they seperated my husband and mother apart while I they took my baby out. Then when I was about to be released worker came in said I was dirty for meth which is IMPOSSIBLE and said everything was fine they just had to let me know I argued and told them that its a lie.. well the day my baby was beinging released SEPT 11 2014 cps told me I had a hour to get to the hospital or they were going to take her I got there in 15 minutes and tried to make me sign a paper that I was being neglect and I refused to sign then told me to take a drug test to prove my innocence and they would give her back on the 15th and I did a hair folicle and a ua and all were Negitive then monday came the 15th gave my mom temp cust until then and they still refused to give me and my husband custody of our baby.. now by court orders husband and I our both to take random uas and they said my husbanf is in denial and doesnt relize that he is protecting me and not our daughter want him to see a therpist and now assigned him a gardian of lithem my husbands and I both uas are clean and all of a sudden MY test came out positive and called me on MY BIRTHDAY to tell me that which again is impossible ask court to prove my innocence I want to take another hair follicle and TODAY called me to tell me it was positive I know they are lying and messing with the tests what can I do please help!


        1. THEY ARE DOING SAME THING TO ME. I have tested clean for a year, the case workers friends wanted to adopt my baby, now suddenly when we motion to have kids returned to our care because we completed services, and tested clean over a year. NOW my mouth swab mysteriously is positive. THEN they came and took kids to get hair follicle tests, and suprise suprise my baby is also positive at a high level. This is such corrupt bullshit. They took my baby again and guess where she is? with the case workers friends. No one will help, they made me leave my home, have NO CONTACT at all with my family, my husband,(or they will take other 2 kids too) how can they do this, they have DESTROYED lives over LIES. and no one listens.


  4. I am sorry for what your family is going through and will pray for your’reunification. My case is similar, they are trying to steal my 2 1/2 year old son as well. They have had him longer than he had been alive. I have missed his 1st steps and his 1st words. I believe he was taken to make money off adopting him out as you seem to be very aware that they do. Per the safe families act, Children adopted to Strangers fetch between $6,000 to $8,0000 in bonuses with an additional $2,000 if the child is special needs. At any rate, my son was taken for no reason other than I am an addict.I was not using at the time and had been clean since before my pregnancy. Long story short, I have had 2 social workers and 3 lawyers all of them useless and am trying to fight cps as they have falsified every drug test I have taken for them (13 in all) I have been in rehab for the entire time I’ve been cps involved and am about to graduate the 3rd rehab I’ve been in in the 2 years.
    Also i attend therapy weekly this is per the service plan although it is not in play at this time because I felt it useless because of the falsified tests. All drug tests taken at my rehab were clean. I want to add that my house was spotless and by son well cared for and clean when they stole my child. He had never had so much as a diaper rash before he was taken. I live in San Diego and I have had to send my son to live with family in New York because the foster family was Trying to keep him so I hardly get to šee him. Thank God for Skype. The social worker is incompetant, condescending, rude and plays God for sport. I looked up her salary for last year it was $96000 with more than 1/3 of that catagorized as “Benefits & Othe Pay”. I know this is scattered, that is how my mind feels. I was a great parent as was my spouse and never thought it could/w would Happen to us we had a beautiful home and life yet here we are almost 2 years later and baffled as ever looking for a solution. Got any ideas? I will try just about anything at this point I have trial in 3 weeks n the purpose is to reinstate my services but I will not unless we can use an independant lab for the drug testing. HELP!!!


    1. THEY ARE DOING SAME THING TO ME. I have tested clean for a year, the case workers friends wanted to adopt my baby, now suddenly when we motion to have kids returned to our care because we completed services, and tested clean over a year. NOW my mouth swab mysteriously is positive. THEN they came and took kids to get hair follicle tests, and suprise suprise my baby is also positive at a high level. This is such corrupt bullshit. They took my baby again and guess where she is? with the case workers friends. No one will help, they made me leave my home, have NO CONTACT at all with my family, my husband,(or they will take other 2 kids too) how can they do this, they have DESTROYED lives over LIES. and no one listens. They took my kids when I was clean and had participated, then I participated again, through their hoops get all the way too the end and they pull this, no one will fight them, I feel like I can not even go on, I have older kids, but DCS has ruined me, they have made me out to be a monster, lied and terrorized me. Because I had the nerve to try to stand up to them and challenge their Rights under the Constitution of the U.S. and they showed me, I have been completely DESTROYED, I will never have a job, my family does not know what to think, my kids are scared because they made me leave the home, and not allowed any contact, and they have STOLEN my beautiful baby girl…my entire world is gone, I have nothing. And there is nothing anyone can or will do about it.


We need to stand together and fight for our children

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