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  1. Ciao. I am following you from Italy. I could not believe it when I saw all this happening also here in my country and in Europe. In menu cases I find no other words but “legal kidnapping”.

  2. Just found out that our civil issue isn’t with the Court Cohorts but with the people who adopted our son. I guess they felt the two VERY NICE letters that I sent to them over a month ago was ‘harassment’. Time to prepare for court, at least we can finally show them the proof and the truth that CPS falsified evidence and stole our precious angel. Any positive comments would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Everything I have read on this site is true. Unfortunately for the state of Oklahoma and from what I have researched almost every state in the union has this same issue. I would hate to see this site taken down. It has given me some very useful information on my own case.

    • Yes, it is in every state. Missouri is worse because the small towns are run by the sheriff, judges and social workers. It truly is just job security for them. My daughter was molested and put into foster care where she was raped, given strong drugs and sent to a mental prison all to protect the social worker and her lies. I got her back through a miracle, but the damage is done. She suffers from PTSD, (diagnosed after being release from “care”) and today at age 20 still suffers. CPS ruined her life and made her feel like a criminal. They hurt her more than the molester. She wishes she had never said anything, then CPS would have never been in her life. How horrible is that?

  4. I have a friend that lives in Salinas California who’s grandson was taken into state custody earlier this year. She has tried to become his foster mom so that she could also adopt her own grandson. She has been denied based on the fact that she had a child that was placed into California foster care program because she needed help with the child and that was the only way the state would offer help. Now they are using that need of help against her and denied her the right to adopt her own grandson. Is there any way she can get to adopt her own grandson? They already have a foster family lined up to adopt her grandson!! This is so wrong!!

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