Maybe after he retires but I will still see him off the bench. My wife is just wonderful at finding case-law that sets a precedent. Her dedication to fighting for her son is different from mine and that is what makes me so proud of her. We have had so many people telling us thank you for giving them the information so desperately needed helping to beat their CPS cases in every state except California. There is a complete disregard for law in this state and  especially in this county (Riverside)   What these court cohorts just don’t seem to get in their heads is, I cannot be intimidated- ever.  I can even face the threat of losing my life, this is too important and you corrupt people in bed with CPS have stolen my son.  So now you go ahead and do whatever you have to do because in the end, I am still proud of who I am and who my wife is as well.  We are making a stand for FAMILIES IN THE NAME OF OUR SON DONNELLY THE ONE YOU GAVE UP FOR ADOPTION because we stood up to your bias, unfair and CORRUPT system. You are doing it to honest and decent parents, why?  I did not take children and sell them for government funding ever. But what I have done and will keep doing is continue to get your funding removed by being completely honest about your court practices to the OIG and other agencies, until my son comes home.

Everyday I am on this planet is a blessing from God and I do feel truly blessed to have such wonderful children (6 of them, but CPS only stole 1 of them. I was capable of raising 5 others to adulthood without ANY major injuries or hospitalizations, my children are capable, working adults, productive members of society. Isn’t that the GOAL of raising children? How the hell can I have raised them to be who and what they are now if I was abusive or put them “at risk”?) The lord has given and he has taketh away. I should have so much to be happy for. I expect nothing and I cherish everyday he allows me to continue to fight for children and parents.  Threatening me will do no good. The mistake that was already made was not killing me after kidnapping my child.

Suggesting that it is expected that site be taken down, you should make sure that you have the RIGHT person this time. Now ask me again to take my site down.  Do you really think I will?  The last time I was told to take a blog down I created 4 more sites. The data my wife is collecting about CPS, DCFS, (and every other acronym out there), social workers’, attorneys’ and judges’  history of crimes, failures and lawsuits is growing and has already grown so large we may need volunteers to help us. The motivation of parents that have had their children kidnapped by CPS is either completely give up and become a lump of emotional coal or it motivates them to become absolutely obsessed with exposing, indicting, describing, yelling, screaming, informing, litigating every single thing that was wrongfully done to them. My wife and I, obviously, are not lumps of coal.

The sacrifice parents make raising a child and the personal investment could never have a dollar amount value placed on it.. This is an investment of the heart and life over time and any parent who enjoys being a parent as we do, so very much so, can’t ever let that go. Anyone who knows my wife and I,  know without any doubt how much we care about and love our son Donnelly as well as our other children, Our children give us meaning and purpose. Our friends see how much we hurt and know we will never give up. They see our obsession, its all we talk about, my wife is always aware that we may be annoying and tries to be considerate by talking about other things once in a while but the conversation always ends up back on the subject. Many people express that if CPS tried to take away their kid that it would be over their dead body. We felt that way too however, when you are put in a position where they have lied to the police so they take your child at GUNPOINT,  your “dead body” becomes literal. People have no idea how truly corrupt these judges are and the dollar is all they care about. These Judges honestly do not care about the children in their community or anything that happens to them. In our case, CPS and the court cohorts went way out of their way to terminate our rights and prevent our family from getting custody, or even ever being able to see or speak to him, then DID NOT TAKE THE MOST SIMPLE PRECAUTIONS TO ENSURE THAT THE ADOPTIVE PARENT’S INFORMATION BE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL. So, once they were assured the AFSA, CAPTA and other funds, they cared no more. These Judges know children get abused, killed or neglected all the time in CPS care and even by the adoptive parents. A babysitter will never care for a child the same as biological parents. Don’t misunderstand me, there are parents who are neglectful or abusive but there are far less of them than they try to fool the public into believing but everyone I know agrees they would not want CPS in their home ever, our children are more important than anything. Just this statement alone says so much about our lives. The devastation CPS leaves in their wake is truly more than a parent should endure. Without our friends and family we don’t think we could have made it. The cruelty in which CPS when they relentlessly fabricate stories about many parents is overwhelming. When you experience it for yourself you find that this has been going on for decades yet still swept under the rug.

CPS generates money and is shared with other county departments via the general fund so they are supported by the police, the Board of Supervisors and other county officials. CPS uses the same tactics with every family as I have learned by interviewing people on the courthouse steps but since the police depend on the money from the general fund, they will not do anything about the criminal behavior of social workers. The amount of money the Judge gets for each child varies in each county with Riverside being the most secretive which is why the audit is taking a while. Anyone who has any evidence of the falsification of evidence and perjury must contact the Office of the Inspector General, who oversees social security funding (Title IV-E), and hold them accountable for auditing Riverside County or any county in the US. All you need to do is compare the transcript to the minute orders, attach your evidence of their forgery and perjury, and send it to them. The link was right there. COUNTIES WILL BE REQUIRED TO PAY BACK THE IV FUNDS. I am sure that this will be greatly appreciated by the Directors since the quality of children’s lives are PARAMOUNT right? I couldn’t have felt good sleeping at night without helping the Riverside DPSS/CPS Director, Susan Loew, who began working for CPS in 1999 in the FINANCES & SERVICES department, by ensuring that every dime be accounted for and used for the needs of children. That is the objective right Ms. Loew? I feel bad for not helping sooner with, you know, First 5 auditing, I know how much heat you have taken about that mismanagement and being reprimanded by the Grand Jury and all.

This country can’t survive much more of this corrupt government.  I will continue to do everything I can no matter what . If anything happens to me to change what I do, it isn’t me. God Bless everyone and keep up the pressure. William R. Burns for http://www.donnellyjustice.me

Published by donnellyjustice

I started off blogging because of how unjust my family was treated by the court system and I woke up to a system of law that doesn't care about right or wrong, evidence or no evidence, or even listening to both sides of the case. I must be crazy to have thought our courts were based on facts. CPS submitted another mans criminal record, different birthday but same name to present to the court as if there was a long criminal history. I did not find this out until after my child was removed, when I tried to correct this my evidence was refused to be put on record... This is one of many criminal actions by not just CPS but the court as well This is very personal and close subject to my heart as my family was just devastated by the corrupt JV family courts. I have witnessed the complete destruction of any legal process with out any actual proof of anything. This judge made a complete joke out of our constitutional and civil and human rights of parents. To pass judgment without being shown proof of some kind, any kind at all, shows no moral fortitude of decency as well as respect for the American families that he serves. I don't know if people even pay attention to what is actually happening in these courts today and that we have already lost most of our rights to a fair court system in most of this country. We need to make everyone aware of this corrupted court system is. We have lost our rights in court and these judges supporting it. The only people who still believe, CPS is their to help families are families CPS hasn't helped. Children are not disposable and families are the backbone of this country. This makes me so ashamed of this country to have let CPS go this far without any over-site the facts are all over the internet, parents trying to just get any kind of hope at all that someone will just listen. Every single case I research, CPS is the only side the judge even hears. This is so wrong OMG We have the right to a fair trial, "right"? That's what I thought. Not with CPS. Parents have no defense when they are accused by CPS. CPS will do everything they can to ruin parents and sell their children for profit. I can not except American families being treated so badly. I will spend the rest of my life speaking out and waking people up to what is truly going on with the company hired by the government to protect children, when all the facts and statistics show CPS is for the money and only 15% of the time ever has a legal reason to remove a child. That is disgusting. They do it because they the judge only lets CPS on record. This is absolute corruption in the worst way with the most innocent of people being destroyed. Look up the facts, before you ever take a side. Everything I have stated here is complete fact. Every family is a target.


  1. Please also check out this blog exposing the unbelievable corruption, judicial battery and rape of parents and their children tantamount to torture under the 8th Amendment and UN Convention against Torture committed by the Indio Family Law Division, notably JUDGE DALE WELLS, of the Riverside Superior Court. No child in Riverside County is safe as long as these human rights abusers are allowed to remain on the bench. The public demands to know why Dale Wells who during his reign of terror as a commissioner reportedly destroyed hundreds of parents and children was reappointed to the Indio Family Court despite the fact that he demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt that the despair and anguish of children leaves him cold when he dismissed 47 counts of forcible rape of an eleven year old girl because he “believed” that “there was no duress” and that a child consented to the rape. That was not the only incident, he also dropped rape charges against a 20 year old who raped a 15-year old girl. The concept of statutory rape clearly has eluded him. He rips children away from safe parents and places them at the mercy of ex-cons, drug addicts and violent alcoholics, he lets evidence disappear, fabricates evidence, issues UNLAWFUL orders and believe it or not SANCTIONS parents with their own children. He now refuses to recuse himself from a particular case, despite the fact that the litigant who has been subjected to a Nazi-style witch hunt, persecution and “final solution” extermination has filed a federal lawsuit in which he is a defendant and material witness.



    Here are some of the many comments from dehumanized parents, attorneys and over 1,300 outraged citizens from all over the world demanding his removal from the bench:

    Comments made about Commissioner Dale Wells
    All comments are opinions of the survey respondents.
    Censor Level:
    Dale Wells is sexist, pro-father and anti-child. Wells takes it upon himself to act as attorney on behalf of the father, interrogating the mother, even in the prsence of the farher’s attorney, so it’s as if the father has two attorneys acting on his behalf, but one of them is the judge. He consistently gives the father everything he asks for, and holds the mother to be suspect of anything the father may say. If the mother says anything, or tires to, he interupts her and makes a ruling against her. Basically, if you are a mother in Wells’ courtroom you have no right to speak and you will be
    ruled against regardless of any facts you present, whether in writing or if you dare to try to speak. Dale Wells is even worse than Lawrence Best; while they both share the habit of not allowing the mother to speak and interrupting her and cutting her off if she tries to speak. Mothers have no rights in the courtroom of Dale Wells, and his reckless decisions damage the lives of our children. 2011-01-11

    Report to Administrator View Survey


    Report to Administrator View Survey
    Well, after reading these comments, i feel a bit more confident in knowing I got royally and financially screwed by Dale Wells. He cost me my home, and all my financial assets that I ever accumulated and can never get back.
    Thanks Dale! 2009-02-06

    Report to Administrator View Survey
    I have always had the greatest respect for the judicial system, until appearing Before Dale Wells. I will not put the word “honorable” in front of his name because he is far from it. He is biased, in cahoots with most of the attorneys that appear in front of him and literally tears families AND children apart. I have heard he is no longer hearing family law cases…if so, that would be the best move that Riverside County could ever make. If he is, then more children will be hurt by him. This is one man who has no business being on the bench and I hope that someday, his actions catch up to him. 2008-12-15


    Report to Administrator View Survey
    Dale Wells is an EVIL, saddistic man who is 100% AGAINST mothers. He will Instantly take custody away from the mothers with a simple statement from
    the father’s attorney that the mother is not “sharing” the children, it doesn’t matter that there is a RESTRAINING order against the abusive father!
    He has been divorced three times himself and took EVERYTHING from the mothers of his children and NEVER paid them one dime!! He also tricked his
    wives into signing INTERSPOUSAL GRANT DEEDS to their properties. He is NOT
    an objective Commissioner to be on ANY bench EXCEPT for a PARK BENCH!!!


    Report to Administrator View Survey


    Dale Wells will grant whatever attorney law firm xxxxxxxx ask for. He requires no evidence to base his deceision, When xxxxxxxx are involved. He has complete Disregard for the best interest of the child and puts children in harms way. He has been heard to state “Unless there is Blood on the floor there is no emergency” I have compiled hundreds of cases where Dale Wells has

    taken the children from a safe home and placed them with the abusive parent at the request of xxxxxx.


    Since then many people from all over the world have expressed their disbelief and outrage that this misogynist and child torturer was reappointed to the Indio Family Court:

    Judge Wells is morally incompetent and needs to be off the bench


    children are a priority, not property and there is no room on this earth for anyone who plays with the mind of a child nor abuse and manipulate the law. You have no right to be a judge if you cannot find the truth….. burn him to the stake.

    To allow Judge Dale Wells to remain on the bench, despite the complaints of hundres of people that have gone before him, is unconscionable. To remove children from their mothers because he is seeking revenge against his own ex-wives, and to dismiss a rape charge because he believes an 11 year old child consented to rape, is so frightening that one can not imagine what is wrong with our government. Are we living in a poice state? Since when did rape become permissible?

    This man should not be a judge! He is so unfair in his dealings with children and family. How can he dismiss 47 counts of forcible rape against a little child of 11? How come someone hasn’t done something about this animal? Remove him and put him in jail so that he can experience what the 11 year old experienced!

    How many other women are going to loose their kids and not have a voice. Its ironic that the USA calls itself “The land of the free….” How backwards can you get?? Am beginning to wonder how much this judge has been “bought” for…..

    I’m so sorry to all the loving mom’s of their beloved children for the harm this judge has caused you all. I sincerely hope this judge and any other judge like him be barred forever from hurting anymore families.

    I agree strongly that this aberrant individual should be removed from the position of judge and be brought to justice for his disturbing crimes against families, which crimes are a matter of record, if authority will only look.

    Stop Judge Wells from harming children and destroying families. The children should be allowed to be with their loving mom.

    Judge Wells’ bad reputation is known all over California as a judge who harms children. He needs to leave the bench

    I’ve heard countless stories of heartless, uncaring Judges, Attorneys, Custody Evaluators. You bastards are barbaric and need to be put in jail, straight up.


    1. So utterly FATHER-bias? Ruining the lives of mothers and children everywhere? Now you know what the rest of the fathers go through everyday when facing a corrupt judge which certainly is the vast majority of them. The entire system is broken for both women, but mostly for men. Join the men’s reform movement to change the system which will ultimately favor both sexes. Otherwise your complaints just make me yawn. I have ‘been the and done that’ as have thousands and thousands of my fellow brothers who lost everything to a corrupt court system while the equally corrupt mother got it all. There is a reason it is called ‘mothers-court’ and you just happened to fall within the 0.3% of mothers who get the shaft from the corrupt judges. They do that once in a while so that they can say (with honesty) that they are not 100% one way or the other. It’s part of their sinister plan and nobody can stop them because you and I and everyone else WAS TOO STUPID TO SEE when the passed laws that gave judges UNLIMITED POWER, UNLIMITED TAX PAYER FUNDS along with UNLIMITED IMUNITY! How can you fight that?


      1. In Riverside County there is a female judge who became the Riverside Presiding Judge Ellsworth. From what I have seen, she is unbias and does not favor male or female, just the better parent. She’s fair, impartial and does not appear to violate the rights of the parents. She always ruled in favor of my husband despite his ex’s claims of drug use and our open CPS case. He provided a self-paid hair follicle test that was negative and the ex’s was positive for all kinds of drugs. Now, in CPS court, they faked the hair follicle but at one point favored my husband rather than me. They closed the case when I moved out of the house. But when the case re-opened they favored neither of us and never gave us our child back. The ex’s mother works for CPS by the way. So I don’t know what you are “yawning” about, everyone’s case and complaints are valid to them.


  2. JUDGE DALE WELLS of the RIVERSIDE SUPERIOR COURT blatantly LIED in open court at the hearing on 4th of April 2013 in the INDIO FAMILY COURT, falsely claiming that the statement in one of the “ex parte communication” emails was a “material misrepresentation”, since the litigant judicially battered and raped by him since 2011 never presented evidence of her expired passports to the court. This is of great concern to the public, because this judicial officer either suffers from severe memory losses or blatantly violates his oath of office, which in either case warrants his immediate removal from the bench.


  3. This morally corrupt unqualified “professional” – court-employed mediator PIERRE SIMPSON of the Riverside Superior Court – is the proverbial whore of the court, blindly obeying the orders of his “FÜHRER” JUDGE DALE WELLS to fabricate evidence that the mother is a flight risk to justify Wells’ fraudulent and thus VOID court order of 5th August 2011, declaring the mother a flight risk because of her nationality despite expired passports. For this criminal purpose, two small children were dragged to court, coached by the father what to tell the mediator, e.g. “she attempted to take us to the airport” (never happened), “she is suing everyone in Yucaipa” out of the mouth of a five-year old who certainly does not know the meaning of suing someone and which of course never happened either. Yet, Pierre Simpson found the statements of the children “credible” which any professional child psychologist would refute, thus selling them down the river for the proverbial 30 pieces of silver, condemning them to be further physically, emotionally and psychologically abused by an ex-con, crystal meth addict and violent alcoholic. This constitutes severe emotional and psychological child abuse for which he should be prosecuted together with Judge Dale Wells.


  4. Now if you only put the same effort in getting your son back as you did in creating your site he might be home with you. It sounds like you have issues that you two are hiding. Hopefully this has served as a lesson. JUST say NO to drugs because it will cost you everything that you care about. Meth addicts all to often can’t face themselves in the mirror and accept responsibility for their actions. You chose your drugs over your children. Now you want to be angry and rant telling lies and leaving out all of the details so that you can be the victim. Your such a sad little person. I’m certain that you got what you asked for. So congratulations on trading your son for a crack pipe. You can sell your lies all you want but the cold truth is that you had a choice and you chose wrong.


    1. The cold truth is that CPS lied and falsified evidence against me and my husband. Why don’t you put as much effort into finding out the real truth as you do in making uneducated assumptions and repeating the same comment over and over?


    2. I apologize in advance for this and you can block me from this site, but know that I find great offense to some of these remarks by this ‘KIDS FIRST”. I have followed this site off and on simply because I am hopeful this family can one day be reunited. Most of the time I do not have the time to read comments, but tonight I had a free hour and decided to see if there were any new items and guess what I found, KIDS FIRST. I found some hateful bitch that ASSumes they know what goes on in the lives of people that are suffering. I am going to go out on a limb here and guess that you are the UGLY x-wife. Let me ask you “kids-first”, how does it feel to know America and any other nation that has access to youtube thinks you are a scummy sea hag? Seriously, that voice of yours is about annoying and frankly…..after researching your pic I do believe you look like some dime store skank …. you know, the kind that wears the lip stick and eye shadow that all the hookers like. These people didn’t tell you, but I will. you are ugly inside and out. Go to hell and let these people be. Bitch.


  5. I, natural woman currently residing on the land called “Texas” stand with you and fight for our children. Your site is so important and has helped me to endure and realize I am far from alone in this fight for our freedom, liberty, and children…Gifts from God. Who can steal from God and the Lord, Jesus without fear of punishment? “Woe unto you Pharisees” (Matthew 23:13-23:23, The Holy Bible, all real versions).


      1. Sssh! “Remand and Reversal” on “SMJ” in the US Fifth (sui juris) right before my son’s first day of school last week (“Invictus”)–to the small victories–uphill battle still ahead, though! But still, hard to kill, and loud going down!


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