FINALLY, a politician who really cares about what’s going on with the system!

This video is about Tim Donnelly going after CPS. CPS is the way they are today because of the media ignoring parents begging for help asking to get this information out to the public and getting no help. Now CPS is targeting every family and the press is starting to ask questions, better late than never I guess.

I hope everyone knows how bad Dianne Feinstein is at representing the people.  She knows the things CPS does and refuses to lift one finger to help.  I can tell you this with 100 % honesty   If parents wrote me numerous letters complaining about CPS taking children falsely I would check into it but she just tells you that it is out of her “area”. . This is what shows us she could care less. I know the family is what made this country good in the past.  It can be great again but we must overhaul the people in office with people resistant to corruption.

I can’t believe politicians pretend that these crimes of CPS kidnapping children are not well known. I personalty have written hundreds of letters to every congressmen, senators, the president, FBI and many many more these people don’t want to be bothered to stick up for the family and is the most disgusting thing about our representatives. Our children are hurting because of our government. It is so refreshing to see anyone standing up for our children and families. Thank you Tim Donnelly. Please don’t stop these going after CPS these people are criminals. I have been collecting thousands of pages of falsified drug test, and so much evidence it is in your face evidence.
CPS hires trash to steal children from great homes as well as bad. The good homes don’t get their kids back because they are adoptable and make CPS look good at finding a more stable home if the child doesn’t have problems. I am not making these things up. Spend 30 minuets with me and it will change your life to how our children are treated. After CPS takes a child they will never be the same. CPS destroys families. I am not a fanatic and everything I say about CPS has documentation and proof behind it and is not rear in any way. Please help. CPS uses families for the money. The future generations will be even more destructive after CPS separating families. ANY PARENT WHO CONTINUES TO FIGHT FOR THEIR CHILD SHOULD NEVER BE SEPARATED FORM THEIR CHILD. Abusive parents don’t care enough to fight for almost 5 years looking for any attorney with morals the way my wife and I still continue to fight for our son whom we love do very very much. CPS never showed 1 shred of evidence that we were abusive parents, and in the report from CPS it states My son Donnelly Keaton Burns was raised in a good home and well cared for. They still would not give him back to my wife and I.

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  1. please help me. Three weeks ago Citrus Heights police forcefully entered my home and kidnapped my micro preemie special needs baby. I have audio recording of the female officer stating I had four days to get my apt clean or cps would b involved (my son and daughter in law were coming n the morning so i could clean). Before I knew it the cops were walking off with my daughter screaming bloody murder. I was not given opportunity to have someonr come get her, no medical history was obtained, I was not allowed to kiss her or anything. I have friends who have been waiting for background checks to n done so they can take care of my baby. Two weeks later theyre bein given the run around. My daughter is sufferin. Help help help. Im dying inside. It hurts so bad her pediatrician, NICU development team, local business owners as well as numerous others who will vouch how happy my lil girl is with me. I attempted to file a complaint against the officers however the sergeant refused. I have that conversation audio recorded as well. Help please

    • You Do not have to explain yourself to me I completely understand and agree they KIDNAPPED your child and that is the only place you should stand on this. These criminals have been given unquestionable power to steal children and the fact that no police help parents or even look into CPS kidnapping shows they know all about this problem and only do something when it is their own children who are kidnapped. I have watched CPS get away with things lately that they should all be in prison and get life for these crimes. call us tomorrow I would like to know more facts call when you have the time to talk mid day or later thank you. First thing you must do is write the senators who are on your side like Tim Donnelly even if they are not your senators. The Senator has the ability to ask for an FBI investigation of Child Protective Services. You must demand this of our elected officials. Do this first OK

  2. my next court date is July 2. The investigator Evangeline Freathy sat in
    my room telling me she probably wont recommend my daughter come home on that date. I welcomed her to knock on neighbors doors, call my 19Yr old son. She refused so why are we paying her tax payer money if shes not investigating thoroughly? furthermore an incident that happened to my son as a minor was put n the report. so much for protecting children

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