To the people who adopted children from CPS

Are you so entwined with the lie that CPS takes children from bad homes that you can not consider other possibilities so that the children you are raising may have the shared love of the people who so deeply miss them?  Not to take them from you but to share in the joy of watching them grow.  Here we sit being punished for a crime we did not commit paying the ultimate price that a parent can pay.  Have you not watched the news lately showing how CPS takes children from homes on a daily basis that should not be removed? Yet the possibility of our son being kidnapped from a loving home of parents who will never give up no matter what the cost is to us.

The things I write here I think about 7 days a week 24 hours a day since my beautiful little boy was so needlessly taken from his mother and I, not to mention all his siblings, we all miss him so much.  At the very least tell him that?  I miss his warm happy smile and still can’t imagine life without him.

From a man with a very heavy heart. If I was able to speak to the adoptive parents of my son who just happen to think a loving little child landed at their door and didn’t come from a loving home is just not so. My son is my world and I pray everyday just to be able to see him again smiling and happy.

William R. Burns

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  1. my name is dreaa, my son was stolen by cps, im getn my son bac soon, my son was stole because i went 2 jail 4 defenden my life from a drunk meth head who tryed 2 smoother me 2 death,i did wat i had 2 get away from him, my son was not there when i went 2 jail, wheni got out of jail sept 16 2012, the da rejected my case on intake cps came 2 my house when i was not there they left a card, so when i talked 2 the lady {gwen} she told me that she was goen 2 come over n talk 2 me, when she got her she talks 2 me, she wrote down wat i thought wat was i was telln her, then she went n talkd 2 my mom, she told my mom that she should call her, so days went by then the day b4 thanksgiven i got off work n went home, when i got home i walked in the door i asked were hunter was my dad said it ur fen fault he goen, thats when my hell started, come 2 find out cps stole my son because i went 2 jail n MY MOM TOLD CPS I WAS DOEN METH,{ i have never done meth in all my life} i told them 2 drug test me every day 2 prove that i dont do meth. so have done everything that they have asked n more, when i got told i had 2 take a parenten class , i sighed up 4 a class when it was time get the 411 for the class i got told it was in spanish, i told her i dont speak spanish i know i have a time limit, i got told the next class is in 2 months n its in spanish, i told her, i will just try 2 find my own class, so later that dayi called my case worker n told her wat was happen, after i got off the phone wit her i binged parenten classes,i found 1, i calle dmy case` worker m left a message n told her i found another parenten class on my own, my case work could not believe i found 1 on my own, i have worked my but off 2 get my son bac, june 27th is my next court date, im getn more over nites n got told they will increase the over nites, my son will b home soon

    • I truly hope and pray everything works out but do not trust these people and don’t let them know you don’t trust them.Stay at your best always never let your guard down, never feel comfortable with CPS and NEVER TELL THEM ANYTHING THAT MAY HURT YOU EVEN IF YOU TRUST THESE PEOPLE. I have tried to find positive stories about CPS and I can’t it is overwhelming how mush harm CPS causes to families.

      I am truly happy that you may get your son back and God Bless

  2. Thank you for fighting for all of us. My kids were taken and they are now home. My blog is Everyone plz read and if anyone can help it would be great!
    But i am mixed on some kids being removed. I have 11 brothers and sisters and 7 of them are adopted because my parents were in foster care for many many years. My grandparents were also in foster care for many years.
    I know for a fact one of my brothers was thrown against a wall and suffered a skull fracture by his parents and is now mentally handicapped. Two sisters were starved and lived in a trailer without a front door and poop all over the house.
    I think the State has way to much control and cant find anyone to help us here in Kentucky.

    • I can give you the answer to your mixed feelings. When people are paid money and especially bonuses to remove children then you can count on most children being removed falsely by Predispose social workers in Moreno Valley named Antone destroying families with out one concern for anyone else in the world other than himself. CPS I mean (CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES) just look at the funding they get every single year, then the judges pay if he buys in to the destruction of the family. This man sits on the bench trying to make parents believe the shit coming out of his mouth. You can take it to the bank CPS is the destruction of the American Family and any family in a country coerced by the UN. There is actually a plan the government is trying to work out to have all children raised by community centers and they would not go home you visit them. By community center they mean government, they are just trying to place a cushy word on it. Complete Socialist government. These people don’t care about children. People who care about children do not come up with BULL SHIT LIKE THAT. THE ONE THING I LEARNED TO COUNT ON ABOUT CPS IS EVERYTHING THEY ARE TELLING YOU ONLY THE OPPOSITE IS TRUE. THIS IS THE WAY OUR GOVERNMENT TREATS THE PEOPLE THEY ARE PRETENDING TO REPRESENT. THIS COUNTRY WILL NOT LAST WITH PEOPLE LIKE THIS TAKE THAT TO THE BANK.

      • I DONT agree with CPS at all. If you read my blog they took my kids for no reason. BUT I do know for a fact that the kids my parents adopted are ALL very mentally handicapped due to abuse by their blood parents. Who throws a newborn across a room and gives them a skull fracture?? I mean come on you can’t tell me he shouldn’t have been taken from those people? There isn’t one child my that my parents adopted that is severely mentally handicapped from abuse from their blood parents. My parents didn’t do foster care to “steal” peoples kids. They did it because they love kids and wanted to help kids.
        I don’t agree with how CPS works or the Kentucky State Police either. They make up lies and destroy people who did nothing wrong. I KNOW because they did it to me. My dad was a Kentucky State Trooper for 24 years and would have put my own mom in jail had she broke the law. They accused him of adopting kids to watch them have sex. How sick is that? The people that he worked with and was his so called “family” for 24 years threw him in jail and then had to drop the charges because they were lies.
        So I know the government sucks. I fought my ass of for 6 months to get my kids back home and am still dealing with CPS two years later. And now two of my three kids plus me suffer severe PTSD. But its awful funny no one wants to help me sue the shit out of them. They said because they have to have a relationship with the state. Thats fine Im not going to stop filing complaints and raising hell until my voice is heard.
        My point to you was not every person who adopts a child is a bad person. My parents are not bad people. They will spend the rest of their lives taking care of the ones they adopted because they can’t live on their own. And they love each of them with all their hearts.

        • I do not think the people who adopted my child are bad parents, but I do know they know something about CPS does steal children from good homes and adopt them out just to get county funding for what ever reason. They know my wife and I miss our child and just want to make sure he is being taken care of properly and that we did not abandon him. They are playing into the false allegations and my son knows better and this kind of BS makes children question their own judgement. I will get my day in court or I will spend everyday and every second of every day finding errors in every case CPS goes through to get their funding removed with every last breath of my body. My son deserves that much and so do my wife and I. So far, the judge told us we are hurting everyone who works in the county, THIS IS SUCH BULLSHIT HE IS THE ONE HURTING EVERY FAMILY WHO GOES BEFORE HIS COURT EXPECTING A GOOD HONEST AND DECENT LEGAL DECISION AND END UP LOOSING THEIR CHILD. He sends every parent in his court into a life long depression, at least the one that wanted children like my wife and I

          • Im SO sorry for all you have been thru and hope more then anything you get your child back. I was just trying to say that there is some people that actually hurt their kids and there is some people like my parents who love kids enough to take them in and devote their lives to them.
            Please read my blog. I know I haven’t been thru what you have but My kids were removed and I fought like hell for them. For 6 months I was on the phone, computer fighting everyone. I’m still fighting and I wont stop as long as I’m alive. I want people to see what has been done to us and how CPS hurts innocent people.I may never find an attorney to sue them but I will make sure that every complaint I file and everything I do will show up in records.

            • Thank you so much for your kind words. Any parent who continues to fight for their child no matter what is a good parent or at least a parent who wants to be a great parent and should never have their child taken permanently. A parent who breaks the law and takes their child from CPS because they see their child being abused in CPS foster care must have their day in court to testify against CPS we were not given that court date in front of a real court that actually lets parents present their case, a parent who does take their child back is not ever to go abuse that child. A parent who doesn’t care will just leave their child with CPS. I want these people in jail for their abuse of parents and children. Not all social workers are bad but the people who run these offices are.

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