3 thoughts on “Tim Donnelly Moves for Audit of CPS-Approved

  1. yes i agree. i have much evidence but no money. our 6 children were taken wrongly and when the judge dismissed the charges of neglect the children were not returned. no attorney will take the case. in ky. even though we were told they are white and adoptable cause they r well behaved. why do u give up. they r never better off with smo else as their parents. when are ppl going to stand up and correct this situation. we did it against IRS and now they dont have as much authority so why cant we do this with CPS. I will never stop trying to get smo to listen and help us. it is their lives at stake. my children have been told lies about us and when they grow up they will not have any way to check any of it out. i still love them all. when the agencys require the employees to go after more money for them then our society really has gone to hell. i thought our amendments


We need to stand together and fight for our children

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