1. My family and I were evicted over night dyr to the home being condemned due to a busted pipe and the leak of the water. I went to stay temporarily with my mother my husband went to stay with a female friend meanwhile my mother forwarded all of our mail to her address and had petitioned the juvenile and domestic court for custody behind our backs she sent the petition to my old address and knew very well at that time I was residing with her then in my absence because I didn’t even know to go to court the judge grabts her temporarily custody she then puts me out I fight through court to get my babies the judge orders a home visit next thing you know caps is involved because of allegations of my kids being neglected and child abuse when in my mothers care next thing you know the guardian at litem request them to be in protective custody my kids were taken from school the same day I went to court they then charged me my mother and husband with charges and are trying to put my girls in foster care I’ve hired an attorney even though I’m on disability and my mother has my two sonsin her care they have autism she receives benefits for them and I was the payee representative and she had all that changed because of this one incident I have bought a new home and we have water lights and the rent is paid and I can only see my daughters once a week supervised visits only and my girls are exhausted from this entire or del and all I want is my family back the way t was now that I’m involved caps wants to throw accusations that NY husband is not a protective father and that were crazy and that there are false allegations of us having a substance abuse problem I have emailed the governor I need a computer I ave a 3 g phone and I’m sending you this through my phone my number is 504462488 my husband number is 7575827842 my name is Cynthia portia benton hunt and my case is being tried in Portsmouth juvenile and domestic court and my audaxatory hearing is November 7th at 1:30pm


We need to stand together and fight for our children

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