Riverside County CPS is hiring their next Judge


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  1. i was a victim of cps too! im in sanbernardino county.. I reported suspected sexual abuse on my granddaughter. long story short, in spite of cps worker coming to my home and child told her the step aunt touched her jine jine( I had guardianship) later, the worker sides with the mother , who, t stabbed my son 3 times with garden shears( my son didn’t tell the police at the e.r) the mother lied under oath denying she stabbed him in guardianship court. the mothers ex cop daddy lies for his adopted daughter. he was court ordered to supervise my granddaughter, and he wasn’t, as child told me the mother and the step aunt hit her- and were licking her! the mother also denied the death threats via email to my son. also, after cps and cops didn’t believe me, at court I was told by my son that I put a naked video of the child on my facebook! I did no such thing,but did find that my old fb was hacked and I made a incident report,as I have no idea the email and what was put on my facebook! needless to say, I cant see the child and child is with the mother and the ex cop non biological grandpa..i almost got on megans law!! for getting proof on video what child told me! I knew the mother and cop daddy would lie,as when the mother hurt the childs arm over a year ago, denied the mother did it! I sure didn’t do it! I thought mother did it by accident,but in hindsight, mother tried to set me up then. the child put her finger up her vagina after coming home from the so- called supervised visit- the child told me that her mother showed her to do it- child then said it was yummy after putting her finger in her mouth! twisted!!! that mother set me up,but the mother said I was crazy and cops and cps said I lied! I told the truth!

  2. Please call 9104315304? My family and I have been destroyed and they had no right to do what they did to me and my five stolen children. I have irrefutable evidence but no lawyer representing me. I’m so worried about my children being with strangers as well as with same sex women raising my two very young girls. Please help me stop these cps monsters. I’m willing to give every bit of energy to see it through til the end.

    • im so sorry steven! believe me, I get it!(my comment is above yours) I wish I knew a lawyer for you.. what you need to do is get evidence and submit it to a grand jury..also,, call the omnibudsman ( I think this is what its called) and report it to them.( the people that are the head honchos to keep social workers accountable.. also, repor to local level too.. maybe if enough people report these workers, things will change..we can only hope..again, im so sorry!! please fight for yourself and the kids and for others… hang in there.. I do know it is a nightmare,but day at a time..ooooo

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