Child Un-Protective Services, your worst nightmare . What they don’t tell you.

If anyone believes this organization helps kids, you better step into the real world. I have seen this happen over and over again so many times I have lost count the list is in the thousands and this is a fact. CPS is so irresponsible with our children and the facts have been in for a very long time. We must close this organization down.  Any congressman, senator who doesn’t agree that something must be done NOW is on THE TAKE and letting kids get killed for money.  These are children’s lives and these are not throw away kids, these kids were taken from loving homes. CPS doesn’t target bad homes for a reason,  to keep up adoption numbers by taking good kids.  I have researched this problem for many years and this is not opinion this is fact.


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  1. My son is living testament to this profoundly true and well-founded, thus, reliable and trustworthy, statement of both fact and opinion. I live to expose these criminals. “Invictus!” They may have won a small battle, but not the “war!”

  2. help i am still paying child support for a child that is not mine.We adopted a child. the cedar rapids iowa courts let him adopt a baby. They did no hmestudy,no parenting, nobackground check.i live isolated, because he controled me so much. i did not know how to get help for a child that he (my ex) molested a child. they gave him custody. i am paying almost $4oo a moth child support.if i do not move i will have to die in the cold because it gets 50 below i will lay out in the cold & freeze because i do not have much money to live on.i spent $4,000 on a layer. only for them to make fun of me. i have 2 witness that will come forward, of what the child told them when she was 5rs.

    • Oh, my gosh! It’s the same thing all over. I am so sorry for your pain and for your baby’s. I wish I could offer more, but I am going through the same thing. May it comfort you even a little, however, that many of us are fighting this battle. We are not alone. There has been word that good things are happening. I promise that I will be crying with you and for you. We are still alive and in this thing. This site is a blessing in the form of information, and there are many other sites just like it. I post some of them on my blog under “Blogs and Websites” (accessible from the home page menu). Hopefully, you are able to get to a library or a computer.

      The power of the pen can be mightier than the sword, which is, in my opinion, at least one of the reasons the government has been incrementally converting everything to computers so as to erase our ability to read, write, and ultimately, to understand our natural, common law, and constitutional and civil, unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (Declaration of Independence).

      That a gang of rogue criminals and un-American terrorists may have temporarily usurped power and put their people into key positions does not make them legal, and it certainly does not make their actions lawful (constitutional). If your ex is so base and unintelligent as to engage in their profiteering crimes that involved stealing your property–your baby, from your body–then rest assured, he can just as easily fall into another one of their traps. I will pray that is soon for you, and that you will be there to claim your rightful property–a Gift from God, in nature, spirit, and essence–that no natural man or woman could take away from you. If you can, read everything you can as there is so much information and so much knowledge floating around on this Internet Matrix meta-world, I think you will continue to find the Herculean strength that it takes to endure until we reach the finish line and win this thing together by exposing and educating–indeed surviving until the reinforcements are sent in. “Invictus.” The cavalry is coming.

      Do you mind if I post your comment on my blog to promote education and exposure of these criminals who operate under the color of law to the public with regard to what is happening to all of us? Stay in-touch, Angelique. (The Real Mommies and Daddies of the Real

  3. I am looking for help in getting my adopted grandchildren back to the immediate family. Cps took my children and placed them in a home where there is sexual abuse in the home, I was suppose to have an appeal and did not have one, my court appointed attorney Renee Meuller did not properly represent me and my husband did not have legal representation in the first trial. So the judge ordered another attorney by the name Josh Clover who presented a false document of an appeal and I never got an appeal, He only took my husband back to trial because he did not have legal representation. Cps had the oldest child to tell these lies, and when the child ran away from Shirley and David Davises home and submitted a statement to the authorities they ignored the statement and sent the child away from her siblings and entire family. We do not know where our grandchild is and this is very sickening. If there is someone out there who can assist us in this matter please contact me through email at This will be an amazing case to have for the right people or attorney

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    • First, I am so sorry. Trust me, we all sympathize who read this, Theresa. Although I am not an attorney or even a legal practitioner, you may check out the sample (verified/certified) Declaration (your story, not theirs) and Sample Objections that this website has posted. They can be very helpful when one cannot afford an attorney. Even if you succeed in getting a court-appointed attorney who works for CPS and has no problem telling you that, take adequate measures to present them with copies of your own statement and send Certified Return Receipt Request via mail to all other attorneys, guardian ad litem, CPS prosecutor, extra for judge’s clerk, etc….It would also probably help to have your mom and the church friends you mentioned write a brief letter highlighting your parenting strengths and positive comments about the children’s health and education and happiness (or even teacher?)–but make sure it’s in Affidavit form (certified/verified)–check Georgia templates for “Affidavit” from “Google” browser.

  5. Our family was harrassed and tormented by cps and later aps (adult protective service) and it destroyed my family. Our attorney did everything he could, it seemed as if cps and aps were above the law. All this even shocked our lawyer. He then pulled a trump card out and gave us the phone number to an investigation media team out of Montana he heard about. They flew into califormia and worked with our family for about two months. Suddenly cps released our child stating the allegations were unwarranted and dismissed it all. I found out later that the reason th e case worker dismissed the case was because the Montana News reporters camped out at her office and her home. Every where she went they were their asking her why she was corrupt and for how long. Apparently this bothered the case worker The number our attorney gave us was 406-647-6157 these are really nice people and they have big hearts.

  6. Please contact my husband and I back two weeks before Christmas last year Child Protective Services Pierce County Washington kidnapped our children with the police I believe my children were sexually and physically abused they became very ill my son still has breathing problems he 15 months old they took him when I was 4 months old my daughter does weird sexual behavior I was a child in foster care they took me at age 5 I was brutally sexually molested and raped so is my sister and all four of my brothers were a side of My but I don’t men and young children it has to stop they still won’t give our kids back and they’re taking 65% of my husbands wages he now works for servpro Renton Washington in King County Pierce is trying to stop us from switching counties they’re trying to keep our children and turn the grandmother against us 9 months ago my husband was found unfounded or innocent my phone number is 253 882 9319 my husband’s cell phone number is 206 793 8766 you my email address is yesterday we were doing a phone conference my husband and I and the grandmother the state attorney Gram Smith my husband’s pay for Attorney Sarah Whitney and five members of the Child Protective Services in Pierce County I told them and my husband told them we were audio recording the phone conference during the phone conference they admit to breaking the law and the court order three different times listening to it you can hear the unprofessionalism as they can’t even find the court order now today they’re saying it’s the wrong cord order and they’re not going to do our visitation make up hours which is total BS I have the court order in front of me visitation is 3 times a week for 3 hours in the recording you can tell Gram Smith who force me to sign documents to put my children and their custody as did the Child Protective Services lie to my husband and I and we had no choice but to sign or will never see our children again is totally on Child Protective Services side all of them have no knowledge of even what’s going on and I’m about to take it all to the news and currently suing them for the sexual abuse and trauma to me my older sister and my 4 brothers who are all brutally beaten and sexually physically emotionally abused for for almost 5 years from 1990 to 1994 my husband and I believe the corrupt crooked molesting raping and child trafficking Child Protective Services should be abolished if there’s actual evidence a child is being abused the police should take the child into custody and put them in protective custody not the correct baby raping Child Protective Services they had me and my brother and my sister on three and four different kinds of psychotropic meds all at the same time Edd made my brother retarded and my sister is slow and schizophrenic and his herself now that sounds like a broken system that someone needs to put a stop to and the only way it’ll happen is it people know the media have to tell the truth the government has to stop this its child trafficking

  7. Please help me I have 3 days to file a grievance and don’t know if I should or what I just do not want to lose my kids! Please please email me back

  8. Pleas help me get my daughters back. I don’t know what to do. I need help please contact me . 9044448573 I live in FL and this is going on 3 years now without my children. No one will listen !!!!

  9. Please hepp me. My rights have been taken. What can I do? My appeal attourney says my judge was a idoit. He refused me my right to show improvments. My case worker told me I did everything i needed to only to say its too late. Yet in court she says i did nothing. My one daughter just starting receiving speech when cps took them. Cps told me she didnt need speech. I still made sure she got what she needed even thou she was moved to another town and i was not allowed to see her. In the end social services twisted that into they got her the help that i didnt and shes so much better. Thats just ONE example. I dont believe in the system. I cant allow them tobe adopted. Social services say they dont want to come home. Yet my kids asked me all they time when they can comehome. One even said mom i dont want to be here anymore. When can i just live with you forever. Breaks my heart. Now ihavent been allowed to see them for 7 months. Social Services sayi g its in my kids best interest. Please help.

  10. Thank you wonderfull. Bleaseeen. You are so. Rite. They got 4. Of my childrens ans I am. Driveing my. Selft crazy. Even wath to kill my self. If they do not give me back my 4 pices of my hard. Help me pleaseeeeee

  11. Me and my husband lost our two kids through child protective services we lost our son in the year 2014 and lost our daughter that was only 6 months October 2016 these people are torturing our family. And we won’t our kids bac but can’t afford an attorney we get to see our two kids every two weeks on Thursday. Please if anyone can tell us anything please call anytime day or night to help us figure out how to get our kids back. 601-996-1178 my name is Christy and my husband name is Casey.

  12. I agree that more parents should fight cps. I personally am looking to do exactly that, though I am having difficulties finding an attorney who will help me. I have so much documentation, my case makes itself. I also have witnesses. Any advice for how to progress is greatly appreciated.

  13. I’m a grand mother need some help please on my two grandbabie one is almost 2 and one isn’t born yet they took my Angel way when she was 6 months old and now it trying to take the unborn baby and my daughter has been doing everything. Need help now sad grandma

  14. I recently had my 1mth old removed from me based on false reports about me and my husband between pretaining dv from an lakewood ca dcfs worker who is also an emergency response worker me my child nor was my husband home durinv this supposedly incident that suppose to have had occurred out of spite from a long life lesson learned do not tell anyone about ur situation cause they will use it against you it dont matter who they are or how cool they seem to be that is not the case. Whenever the police is called trust and believe they have dcfs come out too regardless this er worker has posed herself as an social worker by putting in recommendations to the court to have my 1mth old son adopted out this is how cruel and heartless they are this is an conspiracy i just want to let everyone know be smart and stay wise do not fall for their trap at all keep fighting and stay in faith with god god bless u all and stay 💪 strong

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