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     First of all, we wish this site was not needed, if we could trade it for our son, we would. I am sure most of you would do the same. However, here we are, here you are, and you might need help so help we will if we can.

    For those who are here from a flyer I sent you in the mail, THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONCERN!! Be sure to check the side column for VIDEOS that show just how much of a problem Child Protective Services (or whatever they are called in your area) is for hundreds of thousands of families each year. 

    I ASK YOU, do 99 out of 100 children need to suffer to MAYBE save just 1? CHILDREN DIE IN FOSTER CARE, children get molested, raped and tortured in foster care. This is an irrefutable fact. Yes, children die at the hands of their own parents but CPS may take that one child out of a dangerous and abusive situation only to give strangers the opportunity to abuse that child. In more cases than I would like to know about, CPS WORKERS ADOPT CHILDREN AND ABUSE THEM TOO! And they do it in such a sick way, like hanging dead chickens around their necks. One social worker duct taped her almost adopted daughter to a high chair because she threw fits caused by the separation anxiety from being denied seeing her mother, and ultimately fell over in the high chair and hit her head and died. Other people have adopted children then killed them and continued to receive our tax money for years and years since no one checking on those children! I could go on and on. 

   Try Googling and searching on YouTube, “CPS saves children” or “Thank you CPS, you helped our family” and all you will get are negative reviews of CPS and parents across the nation (and the world) complaining about how awful the system treats them and their children. We also get many comments from former foster children who have the most horrific true stories about being abused, molested, raped and some, tortured.  We have a partial list of children who were “protected” to death on the side column if you want to look at that, which also states the cause of death. Blunt head force trauma, strangulation, starvation, drowning, and lack of medical care for pre-existing conditions.

    I believe that every child deserves to retain the right to live with their family regardless. They say that children need a voice and that they can not make choices that are in their best interest but I completely disagree. Educate children about abuse and how they do not deserve it. Teach children that they can talk to someone if they are experiencing excessive discipline or abuse. Children can speak for themselves if we teach them to. If the justice system can prosecute a 9 year old as an adult then their whole theory that they need a voice goes right out the window. Together, we can come up with a better way. But I doubt the child welfare industry will allow that to happen. They make way too much money off this child abuse prevention cash cow.  HHS KEEPS THE SYSTEM FUNDED WITH 25 BILLION DOLLARS EACH YEAR TO KIDNAP OUR CHILDREN, 

   We could focus dedicated efforts towards teaching people that children are more important than themselves and break the cycle of selfishness, narcissistic personalities, the violent tendencies which are born from how they see themselves. People feel neglected, people feel resentful, people feel that the world owes them for some reason. We need to teach love, care and selflessness. This is a difficult task after teaching children how important they are but there must be a way using some kind of Zen-based ideology or something similar. IF WE CAN CHANGE HOW PEOPLE SEE AND FEEL ABOUT THEMSELVES AS WELL AS CARE FOR OTHERS, MAYBE ALL OF SOCIETY WOULD BENEFIT AND IMPROVE THE LIVES OF MILLIONS. Come on now, if advertising can convince children that they want McDonalds, or that they have to have an Xbox, and we can convince adults that they have to have an Iphone or that ISIS is really a national threat, we can convince people to be nice to each other, don’t you think?

   Please comment with your thoughts and ideas. 

   For those who are currently experiencing the abuses of CPS and the kidnapping of your child, please spend a lot of time here as well as the links we have on the side. Hopefully navigating through our site proves to be useful, insightful and a little hopeful for you.  We welcome all comments and suggestions. TELL YOUR STORY HERE:

To find out what happened to us, see the category “Our Story” and “Letters to Donnelly”.




28 thoughts on “Director of Child Protective Services Tells it Like it IS!

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  2. I was told to “join” as my daughter along with my two sons were taken by CPS in 4 months. My daughter was molested by her older half brother. I fought in court to get a conviction and did. Her father basically wants it all swept under a rug and has the molester around her. CPS put my children in his care. They said I was overwhelmed?! Recently in court they CPS again lied to our mediator after my own children told them that molester is around them, and their father violated the custody order allowing it. I have proof, pictures. Nobody cares that my girl doesn’t rest afraid that man lives 30 feet behind her fathers. I had our children for five years and peorectef them. Legally my children should have never been removed. It has been two years.all three are being mistreated. I thought the judge would do what was right, nope. They wouldn’t speak with my 12 year old son. See evidence..nothing. I’m lost and all I know is as much as this kills me every single moment of every day. I have to keep living. When as their momma I’m all they have. I am helpless. I can never tell them that. They just look at me waiting. I need help. So so broken. I can’t lie.

    • I’m so sorry you and your kids are going through this. I wish I had some advice other than hope that their father gets hit by a truck along with that neighbor of his.

    • Dear Lord,Im so sorry what you are going through! May the God of peace bless you with all hope and faith as you trust in Him through this dark storm.Believe me,all will be made right one day,and the God of justice will prevail for you and your children.

    • my daughter was molested by a family member of the Foster People she was four my son had third-degree burns on his legs I took pictures nothing was done the foster parents never took her to the hospital and CPS yelled at me at the visit when I seen it and told me that if I didn’t shut up they were going to make me leave the visit well the people got to adopt them my son and daughter both are on medication she six now he’s eight I’ve been told my child from another marriage who gets to see them that Daniel has been in and out of Behavioral Center and he’s pulled knives on the foster dad ran away from home well I called CPS office in Indianapolis Indiana from Terre Haute Indiana they made a report and the woman on the phone said oh my God that’s child abuse well you know what they do they send that information down to the local office and the local office has done nothing nothing well here I am I continue to try to have children and since the first two was taken they have continued to come to the hospital I don’t know how they know but the hospital called CPS everytime child and they come and pick them up and said because of your past we are taking your childrenI’m on my last leg they took them all without warrants or court orders and they say here where I am from they don’t have to have a warrant the juvenile judge that we were in front of even said oh it’s okay they do it all the time my public defender the same one for all these years and I told the judge I don’t want him he don’t represent me to the best of his ability he said the same thing that it’s okay they do it all the time I had them admitted on court transcripts so that I had proof but I’m not an attorney I only know a little bit at all a father in need of help thank you

  3. If everyone who listens to this post would PLEASE link it somewhere else or re post it. Because post like this make a difference. Do it for all the kids not yet caught up in the system that has spent so many lives. Thank You. Bill

  4. Our adopted daughter was taken by cps on Thursday they left bio child and my foster children where put into respite the allegation was I put a board on top of bed when the worker and cop came into my house the cop saw a corkboard in the kitchen picked it up took it in to the bedroom set it on top of crib and him and the cps worker took pictures yes the fabricated a scan in order to get warrant to take my child away….cps has not returned my calls they have not allowed us contact with our baby ..I asked her if I can give her a list of relatives info she said I’m putting her in foster care ..I need help….

    • Oh my goodness! Maybe they should give the foster kids back to their biological parents! I am so sorry you are going through this, welcome to the club. Now you know what we go through so you can get a paycheck to house our children. I don’t mean to be rude, please excuse me for that. Go down to the CPS office and speak with a Supervisor. File objections to the removal. File complaints against the police officers for misconduct. Have the given you a hearing yet!

  5. I am in chicopee Massachusetts Springfield dcf has pushed and fabricated manipulated and traumatised my otger children still with our family as well as myself and all of my hundreds of family and close friends i need info for my appeal my lawyer was completely ineffective 100% and tge judge ruled before the court opened on first day in favor of dcf permanant adoption against all else that was mandated by court law im appealing the judges decision and fighting to the death i will never allow this togo forward even if that means i have to ignore laws and rules if they can do this what are we teaching our future cause thats what our children are the future of this cpuntry dependa on our system working correctly n not one state is having any work correctly…

  6. Hi my name is Jamie I live in lake Elsinore I recently lived this nightmare on news years eve cps and a cop came in my father’s home saying they were removing teagen I couldn’t believe what I was hearing I burst into to tears begging them no can my mom or brother get him they told me no . Then the officer said he ran a warrant check on me and I had a misdemeanor warrant I told him on Dec 9 th I went to court and took care of it . He then asked me to pack a bag for teagen I got up walked between the cps worker and cop and as I got past the cop he grabbed my arm slammed me into the wall and then the floor yelling quit resisting arrest I was crying at this point what are you doing I’m not resisting he cuffed me and walked me out side my father followed crying let her go the officer pulled out his tazer and said step back I told my dad to go into the house with teagen at this point my brother pulled up the officer pulled the gun and shoved it into my back yelling at my brother don’t get any closer or I’ll shot mind you my 5month old nephew was in the backseat all my brother wanted was an answer what was going on they put me in the back of the cop car detained my brother and my ill father. By the time my mom got there teagen had ran from the cps worker down the street nobody chasing him putting his life endanger my son already suffers from PTSD . NEEDLESS TO SAY THEY BOOKED ME ON A FELONY RESISTING ARREST AND A FELONY CHILD ENDANGERMENT PLEASE HELP I GOT SCREWED BAD

  7. Hello my name is Angela I’m here to try to find someone to help before I have to go to court to face CPS I have to find a lawyer and fight for my 13 year old twin boys Zarek and Nicholas Brown they were taken and scooped up from their school on the 26th of this month due to the fact I was requested to give a drug test without a court order just in the past two days I’ve learned that I have the right to contest this drug test but they told me if I did not take the drug test that they would take my children away they gave me a date to take it they gave me a week to take it so I took the drug test on the last day on the 22nd of this month I had told the CPS worker in the interview due to the fact that I am PTSD bipolar schizophrenic and 7 split personality but I do smoke marijuana and that it will come out dirty she told me don’t worry about anything it is OK we are just making sure that you don’t have other drugs in your procrastinating a week I took it last Friday and Monday they took my children from what I have learned that illegally took my children so now I need to find a really good lawyer that’s going to fight this case for me and get it thrown out and get my children back home as soon as possible they don’t have anybody else I am the only family member there only parent the only person that I’ve known for 13 years consistently in their life I’ve done nothing but struggle and strive my whole life for 36 years in mental anguish but I have done everything to give my children all my children all six of them everything that was not given to me of compassion honesty loyalty respect I raise them up in the right way in Church we are members of the Salvation Army they are the altar boys there at the church these boys are a b students they play music for the church they play football they have a great life they have an awesome mother that has come a long way in her life due to the abuse and neglect and sexual abuse that I have gone through in my life I have protected my children from their whole life I have keep them isolated and protected them from sexual abuse neglect physical abuse always been strict on where they are allowed to go I know the dangers in the heartache that go on with CPS they have been harassing me for years now they told me due to the drug test failure and on this paperwork it also says from previous open cases on me how can I use something from the past that was closed and closed out investigated and all that I need serious help and I need it fast ASAP I want my baby back home this dark hole in my heart is worse than ever I’ve buried my husband I’ve buried my mother I’ve had to say goodbye to them this pain is meets the requirements of that pain me without my sons right now I can’t even think I have not even change my clothes for 3 days now I think I might shower I’m not sure I don’t really give a rats ass the only thing I give a rats ass about is my baby’s coming home my beautiful twin boys I just know this pain in my head and my heart is overwhelming and unvarying I can hardly speak or stand to even think straight I just want my babies home please help me if you can the constant crying off and on the anger the rage I have inside that I’m willing to take out on anyone that comes near me to go see my doctor again for some anxiety pills along with something else stronger for all the other stuff I found my UA due to the fact yes I smoke marijuana because I have all these illnesses it helps believe it or not it helps me it stabilizes my mood and all my personalities boys are so awesome I need them to come back home they cook they clean they do everything I’ve taught them well they’re very smart boys I need them they are my oxygen I can’t breathe without him I’m lonely without them the house is quiet just three weeks ago my 17 year olds walked out and said they were moving out my father moved out without notice the same week my email address was hacked into my phones been hacked into my facebook was hacked into my bank account all my money was spent here and there and not by me so this whole month has been nothing but one set of dominoes falling after another the devil is really trying to attack me the Monday before Christmas I popped 186. I flat line due to the fact I overdose I fight to live I fight to breathe now I have to fight for my children I need my children home please can somebody help me I am in Garland Texas Dallas County CPS pick my children up what can I do to get them back home

  8. Back in July of 2015 my daughters mom was arrested for possion. After she had been set up by people she kicked out of her house. And even showed her lawyer the text messages from the people stating that she would never see her kids agian. And the kids was taken into state custody. Both sets o f grandparents on their moms side and I have been fighting in court to have them placed with us. The judge has not allowed anyone any contact with the children. My youngest daughter was born Dec 8, 2015 in Vandaila MO while here mother was in DOC custody. The judge from Clinton County had ordered DFS from Clinton County to travel over three hours to place the baby in immediate state custody which I do believe is out of his jusadicton. The grandparents have filed a motion to intervine but the judge denied it. Now he is trying to terminate the parents rights so the grandparents have no leverage to get the kids. Both sets of grandparents have been approved by the state for placement but the judge is saying no. While the kids have been in state care they have been moved three differnt times. And one foster home even abused the two year old. I have notified my state agency but they are busy with other things first. We are needing help before its to late and more kids are lost to the system. This judge has been investagated before for destroying documents and questioning witness. whenever any ones lawyers try and question DFS or any one if its something he doesnt want to hear he abjects. This judge has gotten a major attitude with lawyers witness, he has also got information from other cases mixed in with this one. Not to mention his outside stress of life has effected his perfesional mantality as a judge. This judge has shown clear signs of only being on DFS side. The court date for my new born he said dna testing needed to be done and dfs had missed the date, but also said that when that is done he will start child support but no vistitations. I have never even been able see my new born daughter because of the the order he put in. And amitted at the last court date he ordered it but didnt sign it to here recently. I have two older kids that I am an active part of their lifes and have always been there for them I will do the same for my youngest and her three older sisters that are with her. i have found out they are trying to terminate my daughters moms rights and refuseing placement with anyone. And what else is bad the same judge that sentenced her is the same one in charge of the kids case.

  9. Need guidence for this situation,We live in Massachusetts,My Grandson was taken illegally last Thursday on March 10th 2016 by DCF,And police were at her side. No paperwork …nothing to show the day they removed him to say why they were taking him.I think they violated the 4th and 14th amendment for the laws of dcf and children.The day after is when they got their paperwork. My son received a letter in the mail from them stating he is found in neglect.The DCF worker stated my son has a open court case where he has not been convicted and it’s probable cause because the driver was in possesion.My son was just getting a ride to get cigarettes.As lame as it may seem but true.He is a real good DAD And never would put him in harms way.My grandson is 11,clean,fed,well behaved…straight up great kid.The freezer always is full to the extent that we had to put tape on the door because the food would fall out because it was so packed.He is always clean and the home too.My grandsons mother recently became disabled and her memory is not as it was before.And she cannot process new memories.Her mind goes back to Last July 2015 .And DCF is always questioning her, knowing she is this way.Do they have the right to have done this.What can my son do or say in court. THANK YOU!

  10. I am fighting a very similar battle and due to my financial social class I am in able to hire a good attorney or a private investigator. The public defender appointed to me is actually a lawyer for car accidents and not a family attorney. I need help with hiring an attorney pro bono or something or they are going to get away with kidnapping my child. I have/ and I am doing everything on my case plan in addition to random drug tests twice a week, however despite all of that it’s not good enough and the system is trying to take my child….please help

  11. In need of your help my four beautiful children are in foster care have been in there since last year February 11. Now i am 6 months pregnant. I have judge Feeney. I am so close to getting my kids thats what they say anyways… I had all my visits unsupervised in my home and everything. They were supposed to putting in a referral to family reunification program.. That didnt happen because they wanted a hair test from my husband. So he gave it to them and it came back invalid. The case worker said shes only human and made a mistake in the seal. So they wanted another one. My husband got so stressed out and discouraged and put his hands on me. So i went to ywca told my councilor what happened and they recommended that i go to my case worker from da blodgett and tell then what happened. They told me to seperate from my husband. That he needs to leave or they will make me put a ppo on him. So he left and we can have no contact with one another. So he moved out. Now we have split cases seperate visits and the vosits are back at da blodgett for a while till court which is May 11 at 10am. They said the judge is going to look at this as a bad thing and is going to be mad. Then they said that i did the positive percautions and i followed my safety plan. So she will see that as a positive. Since i am at the 15 month period, by federal law the judge has to schedule termination. Then the judge can give me three months or close to it to prove myself as a single mother and that i can do this all on my own. I have a great suppost system. I am on section 8 have my own house. I cant work because i am high risk in pregnancy as this will be my 5th ceasection. So i signed up for cash asistance away. I didnt procrastinate. Isnt that proven myself already. I never had one single negative thing that i did in the whole thing since my children was removed. What is going to happen do you think i am going to get my kids back i am so scared. My children our my whole world. My eeverything. Please help 6163229986 please helpppp

  12. I would love to tell my story… I am a proud mom of four. Pregnant with number five. I am 6 months. My children got took away last year February 11. My husband spanked my oldest son with a belt. Since he had felonies and went to prison they convicted him with Child Abuse 3rd degree. They removed the children because they said they were not safe. I have a son Christian that is 9, Alex is 7, Isai is 2, and my daughter Analiyah is 1. They took her from me when she was she was 5 months old. Now I’ m pregnant again with another little girl. They are all C- sections. Everybody considers me a high risk. Anyways I was with my husband. Everything was going good then in April of last year he dropped dirty for cocaine. That pudhed another six months. They wanted for him to be sober through all the drug tests for six months. So that mishap happened. I have been doing everything positive never nothing negative on my part. When we went back to court the visits wentt to the home we had unsupervised visits in my house, and not anymore at the DA Blodgett. well that were supposed to put in a program to start bringing my kids home. They didnt end up doing that because they wanted a hair test from my husband , but not from me. Through this whole case Ive never dropped dirty for anythimg. So he gave them the test. Then shaved because they left big patches under his armpits. A couple days after they called and said the test came back invalid something wrong with the seal on the test. The lady at DA Blodgett said she had made a human error. Then they wanted another one but he couldnt give it because he had none left. My kids were supposed to be home two weeks after that test. Then 4/14/16 my husband put his hands on me even though I’m six months pregnant high risk. So I told Da Blodgett what had happened. I took the right precautions and did what I had to do. For my children and my unborn child. So now the case has been separated visits are back at DA Blodgett. I had to kick him out. I did. I took him off my section 8. My Dhs case. And applied for cash assistance the next day this all happened. Since the visits are back at the agency my poor kids are mad confused hurt and upset. My foster worker said they are back at the agency to make sure that my husband does not show up at the house. Basically safety reasons. My foster workers supervisor said that the judge is going to be mad that this happened but I followed my safety plan and took the right precautions she may see it as a positive. Which she should. Even though the last court we had which was June 18 2016 the judge said me or my husband can’t do it alone. Raising that many kids is not possible she said. Since I am at the 15 month period the supervisor at DA Blodgett said by law the judge has to schedule termination it killed me to hear that. I have proven myself to them I have section 8 my bills every month will be paid. I made them a budget sheet. I made future plans my sister in law will be babysitting all of my kids while I work. I have a job all ready setup after my baby is born. I have wrap around program and parent support group in place as of right now through Bethany Christian services. I see a counselor every week. They have no reason to follow through with this termination my house income and plans are suitable for my children. I have a court appointed attorney who says that she knows she can prove to them this is the best thing to be home with me. I am in need of support, and any kind of help to get my kids back with me where they belong. I am an awesome mom PLEASE HELP ME AND MY CHILDREN THEY ARE SUFFERING TOO

  13. Barrow county cps, avoiding family went straight to foster care system. And placed oldest child with ex husband where she is being abused daily! Other two children moved from home to home! And every time I am concerned and that is daily, the children are punished for it! They took them from a non abusive home and put them where they now feel unwanted and they are moved from home to home, and the oldest abused! Yet have amazing grandmothers that have been apart of them since birth. That have a safe place to keep them where they could be stable, and loved and not abused. Cps has destroyed my babies, they will never trust a cps worker or even police, and what IF they get physically abused, they will never tell due to cps ! They have been threatened by cps and guardian ad litdum with foster care and the two in foster care have now lost all contact with family! They have never been abused! Cps has abused MY babies! They have both had mental break downs, WHY are they allowed to do this? Someone PLEASE my babies need help!… MY name is Crystal Haney I am the mother of three beautiful wonderful daughters!
    Angel Haney, Gabrielle Haney, and Hannah-grace Autry! 15, 11 & just turned 7 months old! They have never been separated, we have never been separated!… they have never been abused! Now because of cps they have been separated and are being abused. And nobody cares! PLEASE someone HELP them

  14. I have been fighting cps of Denton TX for my two young children kaydance Julia Pennington 4, and Tyler gadge Lee Pennington 5 and autistic , since February 14th 2014 , I’m staying at the Clayton house motel , and have been for 6 months , I go to cps jury trial Aug, 22.  They will not give my kids back to me because me my mother and my oldest daughter live here for the time being , I’m writing you to let people know my son has been coming to the visits with bruises   on him , he’s dehydrated and acts like he hasn’t eaten in months , my daughter came to a visit a few months back with a black eye , cps’s job is to protect the child while in foster care and yet , because im staying in a hotel room seem to think it’s inadequate housing, and there is said to be an investigation o. Cps for falsifying evidence to take people’s kids from them because of low adoption funding , so I’m getting my story out there because I know I’m not the only single parent with a disabled child going through this situation

  15. Hi I’m am 34 years old I have 5 children my oldest is now 18 just graduated last year I have three children from a previous marriage my two youngest are 10 and eight their father has had nothing to do with them for nine years recently he has entered their life as of a year ago. I have never asked for child support nothing from him I also have never denied him to see his children he has been in and out of jail for the last nine years as of two weeks ago we were supposed to move from Alaska to the state of Washington now mind you I never have filed for custody because The children have always been in my care. I did let the kids stay with him this summer before we were to move well they were within the last two weeks A week ago I was served well he had the kids with custody papers I went and got my children please recall his new wife has stated that I breath and entered in the house in a pond of getting my children my eight-year-old has suffered a concussion his stepmom have had him locked in a basement for a week with no electricity being ham with chords being in the back of the head and was allowed at the room twice to use the restroom while the dad knew about all this I took my sent in to the ER because he had swelled up in the face and had bruises all over his body and stated to me what happened police came and took his pictures then he was got interviewed with a detective OCS workers tell protective services caseworker doctors and he stated to all them along with his brother Who is 10 years old stated that this is all happened now the dad stated that I do drugs and then he took the kids down when he had them in his care to get a drug test hair follicle test also called ocs and stated that I did drugs and my children are unsafe so now CPS got one of the children’s drug test back and was positive for meth but when we went down last Friday the testing place stated they had no Record that the children have been there for a drug test earlier that week no it wasn’t Intel my eight-year-old said yes I was here last week I saw Lucas at station number five the lady that puzzle and came back and hour later stating she found their paperwork but wouldn’t show me any proof they also took my drug test without any ID. CPS stated that the test go off of the levels that with the children’s levels that day they where brought in but keep in mind my kids have been with their father for the last 90 days I got them often on for a weekend or two here and there now CPS has taken them from me and mind you my son has just suffered a concussion high blood pressure and stress and pain has been in the ER three times in the last week I need help I don’t have the money for a lawyer and spent all my money on my move and we where stoped three days before we were to move state does anyone have any of advice what I can do please help I myself am a victim of foster care I am adopted I was in foster care me and my five brothers and sisters for two years I was molested and abused in every single home along with my brothers and sisters I am terrified that my kids are scared or being hurt I don’t trust the system and never have they are stating that they cannot place kids with any family members of mine till next week is this OK is this right what are my rights please help I’ve been a mother for 18 years no recorded no ocs in my life and nothing has been done to the step mother

  16. Please I need help in new York! Cups stole my 7 or old on April 6th 2016 12 hers after I made waves with dss because we were homeless and dss placed us in a drug and bed bug infested motel. I simply asked for a cleaner safer place for my daughter and I. I was told I caused my own homelessness and 12 hers later she was ripped away from me. We have never been apart. I had to plea to educational neglect BC that is what cups used to get her. I’ve secured a great apartment, a seasonal job, I go to therapy weekly, I’ve done parenting classes, and I have 3 more classes to go before I finish a domestic violence recognition class BC I was in a bad relationship. I still only see my child 2 times a week for 2 hers at a time. She has new bruises every visit from other children abusing her at thus foster home. I’ve had enough! I want my little girl back but I need an attorney to help me! Please help us!!

  17. Hello, I have been a victim of this “RICO” statute behavior in the U.S. Justice Department, under the ( job security interest aka) concerned Dept. of children and families, kids in distress, the medical community, social security, The Supreme Court, and the list goes on. Thank you, firstly, to all who did not believe and vote for Hilary Clinton’s Blatant. Purgerous, and empty “Every Child should teach Thier “God given”/”Advantage”, “Constitutional ” and “Free Eorld” given opportunity to reach their full potential!! What about MY CHILDREN? Your children. And this travesty and disgrace, pushed and idealized to tragic fruition by Hilary, Bill. And Walter Mondale.
    As an aside; 2 things: what about the husband of her. ” would have been” Chief of Staff’s husband. In the front page of the tabloids. Naked. Penis erect, while lying next to their 4 year old son? Where were and are the “Storm Trooper’s”, for that little, “anonymous WAKE UP CALL”? I wish we as victim’s of this fiasco were assembled tightly enough to have had a representative, at the debates, or in the press asking these questions!
    I would like to think and hope, and Zi do have some hope, because I have been in contact with the Trump team. I went, rain or shine, from @ 5 A.M. To 6:30A.M. When my twins, now forcibly returned to me, as long as I am under the roof of the abuser, to stand on the island, in traffic to sell newspapers, or merely hold out a homeless sign to raise what I could to donate to Team Trump. In order to stay on his radar.
    I am niether emotionally, time wise. Or accessibility fortunate to computer access to tell my story. ( truly) I am not. However, I had the opportunity, last night to book a flight for my twins and I to Massachusetts. I took it. We are flying with no money in pocket, no transportation at the other end. And no place to stay. But I know, we are on borrowed time in Florida, where we can not get justice.
    I am trying , diligently, to place my “Offer Up” account, somehow in conjunction with this web site and related blogs. Firstly to help myself and my children to survive and to park our butts #1, on the stairs ( as an alumni) of both thevPsychology Dept. and the legal dept. at Harvard University. To beg for the best legal advise and the best emotional reparation available to my children.
    I am scared to death! But if there is anyone. Anyone, out there who can help , advise, suggest anything for us, and or how to attach the “Offer Up” page to connect to this site or a blog of the same interest. Please get to me.
    I want to expose this. I admire a Class action suit, to a point. However, do any of you think this will stop by paying us off, “Phillip-Morriis” still sells cigarettes
    ! I am talking precedent, abolishment, severe legal action and the Givt. Freight train turning around with the $$$) made in the back of our children and our misery for that which can not have a price tag. I want Justice, retribution, exposure, and to have me and mine helped through this to return as close as possible to the bond. The emotional, physical, develop mental, and “Hilary’s” potential for MY CHILDREN AND I to the enth degree. I want senators, congress members, reps, governer’s. Judges, Gal’s. lawyer’s Fostercare abuser’s to lose what they have misused. Money, jail, heartache, fear, poverty, psychological damage. Attitude judgement ( as none have em walked a step, never mind a mile in any one of our shoes. I would like to interview Thier children, etched. Search and seize their homes and etc. their cuff linked, monogrammed shirts, Justice for Nancy Schaeffer Front page a TRUTH. Only then will I feel and understand God’s purpose for me in my life and why this fate was ours! Please mail, write or call. I am leaving all I have and know and taking my boys with me in 72 hours. Please love us, like you love your own. Please help in the story that ai cannot yet come to tell. God bless all of you and yours. Help me help you and get the pork out of our Coyntry. Say “STOP, confess, BE EXPOSED AND EXPOSE. Retribution, and repent!” Or help me die trying. I want my boys and your children to be able to see, that we did not give them up. We never stopped loving or trying, and most of all we ended it. That, in my opinion, will be the most significant 180082949305note in the road to reparation of the babies we love and once loved differently, and ease, if there is any ease to the ?’svof what if? Lori, Anthony, and Ronan O’Connell.

  18. We are facing a court case next week with cps because we refused to let them in our home and we refused to take a drug test for them they interviewed our children at their school without our previous knowledge(which they like to do) we are now trying to work on this case from what we can find on the internet legal aid in our state won’t even help we’ve signed up with a sight called legal shield and got an attorney today I called and am waiting for our attorney to call back not so sure how much help they will be,I was wondering if anyone else had any other ideas that might help we are kind of under the gun right now as our court date is a week from today I’ve also started a petition on to get cps investigated nation wide and audited but I need signatures if any of you would mind signing it the more we get the better chance our voices can be heard thank you all and best if luck

  19. Can someone tell me if i still have a chance..Okay so i had a courtdate not sure if it was the last but i gotten into a accident and wasnt able to call or tell anyone i was on my way to court so my public defender thought i was on my way well when i came to i was in hospital and drugged up i had no way to call now she wont return my calls noone answers at the office i pray to god my rights werent terminated..
    And my case is in San Andreas Calaveras county

  20. I survived the system. I know many more did too. Im on my own mission to break CPS. If you were a foster child who suffered at the cost of CPS I have a Facebook group. It’s called ScornedChildrenofCPS. Profile picture reads Sick of It. Please join it.

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