I’m Amazed

I am amazed, and bewildered. I get countless emails and phone calls each and every day from people all across the U.S., begging for help, pleading for someone to hear them and their story. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with grief for these people, going through exactly what my family went through and some even worse that what my family went though. Last night I visited with a couple who live near me. In fact, they live in the house where I lived a few years back, while we were fooling CPS into believing that I lived in Arizona so that they would close the case. (Which worked by the way.)  This couple, they are just KIDS themselves, 19 years old. Adorable, kind, responsible, and sponges for knowledge. I didn’t even have to school them on what CPS is all about. They know, just from going through this for 3 months now. I won’t get into the details of their story for fear that the court cohorts will use it against them. I already believe that they have somehow linked us together as CPS already had their address in their system as one of my addresses. I really hope that has not been a factor in this because I did not know them before yesterday. I really feel for these kids. Kids trying to do the honorable and responsible thing, having an unplanned baby so young. Many people feel that having a baby so young somehow limits or hinders being successful in life. I don’t agree with that, and neither do these kids. The anguish on their faces, their extremely supportive aunt right by their side, fighting for them, it breaks my heart. CPS preys upon good, decent people and it sickens me to no end.

So, I got off of my original thought. I have a program that traces each and every IP that visits our site. I can see what ISP you are using and whether or not the IP is registered to a business. People from all over the world visit our site, from the UK to Australia to even Ecuador and Finland! Where the heck is Oman? I’m wondering why they are interested in our site as I tend to focus this child stealing, federally funded kidnapping ring to events within the continental U.S. Don’t get me wrong, this is happening everywhere. I hope those visiting from other countries are getting an idea of what their own country might be doing. Of course, what I am curious about is those visitors from the Arizona State Government, The Cocoa-Cola Company and Amazon. Regardless of where you are or why you are here, WELCOME! If you have any questions or concerns, just ask! I will tell you anything you want to know but in return, tell me what your purpose is for checking out our site. My curiosity is killing me!

I do sell things on Amazon and when I send out packages, I include a “Public Service Announcement” which advertises our site but I never include the flyer with international packages. Often, I take a loss the items I sell, not a very profitable business, I know. I undercut everyone just to get the sale so I can get the word out about CPS stealing children. I am certain I will have to explain that to some official someday. I have receipts for all of the items I sell so it shouldn’t be too difficult. I buy many things that are in the clearance bins at local retailers or items on sale. Sometimes I have to pay full price for an item because I know it is a good seller and will sell fast, therefore I take a loss on the item just to send out the flyers. Rather than buy a mailing list, I figure if I can make a buck or two off a buy one get one free deal and then sell it online for a little lower than the lowest online price, great! On the side, I clean houses and do invoicing for contractors. I also prepare court documents for a small fee so that is how I can afford to buy the items I sell. It’s all legit and on the up and up. I have a reseller’s license as well. So there!


To our faithful and railroaded parents and readers: If you hear that I have committed suicide don’t believe it.

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  1. With regard to your query as to why so many Middle Easterners, such as in “Oman,” or UAE (United Arab Emirates, or Qatar or Saudi Arabia, or Turkey even may visit your blog so frequently, I have been wondering the same about mine.

    Then I realized, it is partially just “Google” putting our awesome and interesting blogs out to the universe and seeing what bites back, but remember, that is if you weren’t just being playful and joking, but subversive in the first place, those guys import a lot of flights that leave out of air force bases in and around Las Vegas and other deserts with a lot of the “Finders” Lost Children who end up on milk cartons, or, rather, who used to end up on milk cartons as I don’t see that anymore.

    Also, I have noticed that the mornings when I have the most of Middle Eastern traffic, and also Norwegian, Danish, and Dutch or German and Russian (the Censors and Commies, or so I thought), the most disgusting, perverted, deviant sexual pornography searches–the stuff that is definitely illegal to watch– are the only searches I can see where people have landed on my most basis WordPress blog that by now is being hijacked daily (the whole thing taken out again every weekend). For the record, definitely not a porn site–apparently there really are a lot of total Pervs who like to see “Real Mommies, Daddies, and Children–“American”– . . . ” (Unbelievable–and they have their kids, but we don’t)!

    If I didn’t know any better I would say somebody wants me to type the same searches into my Google browser as some kind of sick set-up since my son truly did allege sexual abuse about his father and “The Visitor” (with or without the “coaching” of the Nazi SS who stole my little boy, just like little Donnelly). Got through the third birthday without him three days ago–8 years old (Again, I say, Unbelievable).

    But yes, watch out for the PEDOS who may use our blogs as counter-intel and dovetail as their sick hobby at the same time, or otherwise who may be playing social workers sexual “coaching” shenanigans to get people into court and into “therapy” for fake illnesses that they are the ones most likely to have, as a general population and matter of, well, incest, maybe?

  2. Oh no. Not another suicide. That is outrageous that you even have to consider the possibility of it. IIl prey for you. God bless.

  3. good for u. im glad ppl like u r out there. when i tell our horor story i always get the comments of u r dirty or smt and there must have been a reason for the children being taken away. yes there was. the case worker sais to me ( after the policeman turned the corner and could not hear hera)” that they r well behaved,white, and adoptable.” so pls stop thinking i am the bad one to those of u who are non believers one day u will look up and wonder what happened. may god hold ur hearts and steady ur nerves cause each one of us surely needs it. u know it is bad enough when a child dies( and i mean no disrespect) but then a parent can put the heart to rest and sometimes go on with their life. but when a child is taken uselessly there is no rest for the heart or anywhere to put the hurt or even a way to get over it. thanks for listening. to all the attorneys who are afraid i wish u were not. yes i still have not found an attorney in Kentucky to take the case so the children have just disappeared thinking we put them in the dumpster cause that is what they were told over and over and over.

  4. To whom it may concern,

    I have been dealing with dcfs sanbernardino county for a lil over 3yrs now and i have had a rediculous experience i have my 2 girls were taken in 2011 cuz i tested dirty at the hospital when my daughter was born since then i have completed my orignal case plan got my girls back a month before my 18month review hearing and had another baby who never got put on the case. I have test negative for 2yrs for cfs and my case was supposed to have closed back in 8/2013 and cfs never did then on 1/22/2014. Cfs came to my home without my consent and took all three of my girls without my consent and now they r adopting them out and terminating my rights and my youngest started a new case and i was never offerd reunifacation with her and i have a conflict with the judge in my case i filed a 388 petition for a dismissal and the same judge i have the conflict with denied me i get a different attorney at every court hearing im not getting my court reports im told there is not one every court hearing also my children were being physcially mentaly medically and emotionally abused while placed in a foster home i objected to them being placed in so cfs told me i have to press charges on the foster my self and refuzes to give me the county to call and refuzes to give me a copy of any thing i ask for and i called 911 because my daughter had scratches on her face and an adult size hand print on her thigh during a visit and the dispatch said why arent u talking to ur social worker about this and i said becuz im at the cfs office gave the address and said my worker is supervising the visit and dipatch said i will speak to them directly and hung up on me and my visit ended right them and i didnt get to see my kids for a month and now they moved them to utah to my aunts house becuz of the abuse i am not allowed to have pictures or skype with my girls and i only get a phone call once a week for 15mins and i am not allowed to say my boyfriends name or my phone call ends i have court 2/3/2015 for my parental rights hearing. PLEASE HELP ME I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!!!!!!!

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