Our Family Torn and Terrorized by CPS (Part 6)

I finally completed Part 6 of our story including getting arrested for a possession of stolen property that was not stolen and more falsified hair follicle tests.

Part 7 should be much more exciting as I will explain what happened in Arizona and show how we “stole” our son back from CPS who never has legal custody of our children because they never had any SIGNED COURT ORDERS!


2 thoughts on “Our Family Torn and Terrorized by CPS (Part 6)

  1. My children are being adopted out when I have never abuse them never been arrested I do not have no criminal record or backgroun. I sent my son back to the state of California in 2011 from the state of Alabama when his mom was sick temporarily with a letter stating that. I have been fighting to get him back plus his two sister who was taken off the same alligations they use to take my son with no proof of nothing only thing the CSW can say is I have a Behavior problem that my kids may be in future risk of harm.

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