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  1. Cops are protecting child abusers child porn and allowing cps and judges indanger kids and kill kids by pretending to do their job putting restrain orders on people that expose child porn child abusers and poluce corruption cps corruption. Terrorist have more protection rights then kids and mothers in court corrupt judges taken kick backs doing favors being bias allowing child abusers to forge 14 year olds signitures on declarations then not alliwing child to speak in court to defend her life and keep her photo off adult porn sites cops covering up child porn child abuse probly at home downliading flashdrive of child porn for sale on the side or for personal use.

  2. Yes we need to start together but if you don’t know howwhat do you do. One of the people on your side said she would help me and she gave me Hope but then not follow through please somebody can help me and tell me what to do thank you

  3. I fled uk to Ireland and have been treat worse here,ny human rights violated,massacred daily and grieving my baby stolen at 5days old I’m fighting the free movement article in EU court of justice in Luxembourg trying to stop my baby being repatriated to UKto be forcibly adopted

  4. Yes this country is bent on selling our children. It’s the most traumatizing thing I know that can happen to their children! I believe in some cases are easily looked at but most cases are over dramatized to the point of ripping families apart. This country should be ashamed of itself on how they go about saying they system puts families together when all that it is designed to do is rip a family apart.

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