800 Child Abuse Reporting Hotline Operator: “Hello, how can I help you?” Caller: “Yes, I want to report child abuse.” 800 Child Abuse Reporting Hotline Operator: “Can I have the name of the child and who is the caretaker?” Caller: “Joey and his mother is beating him with a broomstick!” 800 Child Abuse Reporting HotlineContinue reading “CPS KIDNAPS CHILDREN – LITERALLY!”

Social Worker School

These are funny cartoons that include references to actual cases in Riverside County, CA. https://goanimate.com/videos/0_DqKIdmqU0U https://goanimate.com/videos/0hmovhdPFMJI

CPS WORKERS ARE DELUSIONAL: Interview With A Former CPS Worker

A resourceful and assertive donnellyjustice.me reader who goes by the handle, Mad Angel, recently had an opportunity to ask a former CPS caseworker some questions. Mad Angel asked members of Facebook to let her know if there were any questions that they wanted answers for. Here are the questions and answers that this brave individual gave HOWEVER,Continue reading “CPS WORKERS ARE DELUSIONAL: Interview With A Former CPS Worker”

Judge Judy used to be a Juvenile Dependency Court Judge!

Published on Jul 28, 2012 Vintage Judge Judith Sheindlin as a Family Court Judge Something about Judge Judy has always reminded me of my own mother. After watching the personal interviews now she’s EXACTLY like my Mom (the NY accent and all). Although she didn’t allow OBJECTIONS from the attorneys due to the caseload, atContinue reading “Judge Judy used to be a Juvenile Dependency Court Judge!”

Constitutional Law Summary for Parents (MAKE CPS COURTS FOLLOW THE LAW)

Donnelly Justice writes These are the laws they don’t want you to know   The dog book is refereed to as The dependency quick guide and is a wonderful tool to have. There is an extension in the side box for the dependency quick guide as well as the material below to help you win. Every parent mustContinue reading “Constitutional Law Summary for Parents (MAKE CPS COURTS FOLLOW THE LAW)”

Child Trafficking, the criminal Child Protection System (OPEN FORUM) Please comment.

Child Protective Services and the fraud commuted on the American people by using in the child’s best interest statement. This has been the single most costly and immoral scam ever done to Americans and is still going on supported and covered up by the Government. Because people want to hate anyone accused of abusing children, and will not believe or even listen to you once you are accused. CPS knows this and uses this pattern of thinking to abuse children and families for federal funding