CPS Toons – CPS School Part 3

And the saga continues… CPS School Part 3

Social Worker School

These are funny cartoons that include references to actual cases in Riverside County, CA. https://goanimate.com/videos/0_DqKIdmqU0U https://goanimate.com/videos/0hmovhdPFMJI

Donnelly is 9 Years Old Today

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DONNELLY!!! FROM YOUR REAL MOMMY AND DADDY!!!! We are not REALLY OLD nor are we DEAD. This is what you believe. I wonder how you will feel when you find out that your adoptive parents have KNOWN FOR YEARS EXACTLY WHERE YOUR REAL MOMMY AND DADDY ARE but they simply lie to youContinue reading “Donnelly is 9 Years Old Today”

Happy Birthday Donnelly!!!

Your birthday is November 14th and I am a few days late posting this but we were thinking about you ALL DAY. We wish we could see you for your birthday, we miss you sooooo much! If you were home with us, I would have a birthday party every year and do other special thingsContinue reading “Happy Birthday Donnelly!!!”