Foster “parent” throws baby to floor and dies, gets $100,000 bail


ATTORNEY SHAWN MCMILLAN HAS FILED A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST SOCIAL WORKERS OF RIVERSIDE COUNTY   Riverside County is VERY GOOD at hiding the fact that they literally steal children from innocent parents. They make it LOOK LIKE they are doing the “right thing” but in reality, they are not playing by their own rules.Continue reading “FINALLY! Someone taking on RIVERSIDE COUNTY DPSS!!”

Undertone, Angry, Me, What?

Someone recently mentioned to me that the average person feels that the posts on this blog have an ANGRY UNDERTONE. Oh, no, really? Because I thought it was obvious how happy go lucky we are. NOT, YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT we are ANGRY! Since we ARE NOT VIOLENT PEOPLE AND DO NOT BELIEVE THAT IT ISContinue reading “Undertone, Angry, Me, What?”

My Family Torn & Terrorized Part 3 – Remade & Edited

Part 3 of a series explaining what happened to our family. This is a remade version which excludes certain information about others which may have been too personal to have published. Our apologies for that. Also, more information and evidence is included in this version. Stay tuned for Part 4 COMING SOON@!

Kentucky News Not Afraid of CPS

This news station found that CPS had an injunction against news stations reporting the criminal actions of CPS against families so they followed their journalism ethics oath by petitioning the court to lift that injunction and they succeeded. WLKY Target Investigates has been faithfully reporting and informing the public of CPS abuses since 2006. MOREContinue reading “Kentucky News Not Afraid of CPS”

CPS what they will not tell you is for the best interest of CPS

The secret business of CPS is not for you or your children s best interest, destroys families and don’t expect anyone to help you because the profits are much to large. This is what I have learned about this corrupt industry of Child Protective Services.