Social Worker School

These are funny cartoons that include references to actual cases in Riverside County, CA.

Q & A: Can CPS take my kids if I give one dirty drug test?

According to this NO! But almost all county social service “child protection” agencies across the country and abroad DO REMOVE CHILDREN BASED ON ONE TEST ALONE. Is it LEGAL? The answer is NO IT IS NOT “LEGAL”. Nowhere in the California Welfare & Institutions Codes does it state that they have authority to take possessionContinue reading “Q & A: Can CPS take my kids if I give one dirty drug test?”


DISCLAIMER: This is not to anyone specific, it is to every person who has adopted a child through the child protective services adoption agency. YOU THINK THAT WHAT THE COURT DOES IS LEGAL? WATCH THIS! WE ARE NOT THE ONLY ONES WHO HAVE BEEN RAILROADED BY CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES. GET A CLUE, IT CAN HAPPENContinue reading “TO ALL ADOPTIVE PARENTS OF CHILDREN STOLEN BY CPS!”

A Cannon A Day For Judges Astray


I had the most wonderful dream. The year was 2043. I was in a wheelchair. My daughter was pushing it into the Southwest Justice Center (courthouse). The metal made the detectors go wild, flashing red and blue lights yet it looked more like a slot machine. People were congratulaing me for winning or just stillContinue reading “AS THE JURISDICTION TABLE TURNS”

Part 2 – My Family Torn and Terrorized By CPS

My CPS story.