Anuual Fatherless Day Rally June 16th

If you are anywhere near the California State Capitol City of Sacramento, show your support and help raise awareness to the most neglected social issues facing the human race – see below:

Donnelly is 9 Years Old Today

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DONNELLY!!! FROM YOUR REAL MOMMY AND DADDY!!!! We are not REALLY OLD nor are we DEAD. This is what you believe. I wonder how you will feel when you find out that your adoptive parents have KNOWN FOR YEARS EXACTLY WHERE YOUR REAL MOMMY AND DADDY ARE but they simply lie to youContinue reading “Donnelly is 9 Years Old Today”

Perverted Family Law Judge Gets Lienient Suspension

The perverts lurk where there are children. Like the creep in his car along the route children walk to and from school, this “Judge” looked at porn between hearing cases! Talk about creepy! A 60 day suspension is far too easy and does not match the offense, at least that is MY opinion. People whoContinue reading “Perverted Family Law Judge Gets Lienient Suspension”


PART 1 OF 2: PART 1: 5 YEARS OF RESEARCH COLLECTED FROM EXPERIENCE, AN FBI REPORT AND CASE LAW Protest Rally be a part of or lose all. The only requirement is you and your chair. Take back your rights.  In five or so years when you hear that we have lost all our rights andContinue reading “SERIOUSLY DANGEROUS INFORMATIONAL REPORT ABOUT CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES (Everything you need to know to win.)”

The Child Protective Service Racket

         Child Protective Services act like they have a free reign to rip your child, literally, from your arms. Most parents believe that if they are not guilty of abusing their children then they have nothing to worry about. They are dead wrong. Most people also believe that if CPS is inContinue reading “The Child Protective Service Racket”