Social Worker School

These are funny cartoons that include references to actual cases in Riverside County, CA.

DonnellyJustice Research asks you to please take this survey if it applies to you or someone you know.

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Sample Letter To Social Services

If your children have been removed from your care and it has been several months since then, and you are experiencing delays on the part of the social worker(s) in providing you with services and or having the children returned to you even though you are diligently completing your case plan, I suggest you writeContinue reading “Sample Letter To Social Services”

Director of Child Protective Services Tells it Like it IS!

  WELCOME TO DONNELLYJUSTICE! THANKS FOR STOPPING BY! WELCOME TO DONNELLYJUSTICE!      First of all, we wish this site was not needed, if we could trade it for our son, we would. I am sure most of you would do the same. However, here we are, here you are, and you might need helpContinue reading “Director of Child Protective Services Tells it Like it IS!”